Vinyl Applique

Craft a look that's clearly amazing with transparent vinyl applique! Cut out the shapes using dielines provided with each design, then incorporate them into the embroidery. We'll show you how!

To get started, gather these supplies:

  • Vinyl applique embroidery design with dieline file (we're using Kitty Specs (Applique)
  • Printed dieline template(s)
  • Sturdy fabric to embroider on
  • Medium weight cutaway stabilizer
  • Clear vinyl
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  Freestanding Articulated Unicorn

Freestanding Articulated Unicorn  

Clear vinyl material can be found at your local craft store. We used a 20 gauge clear vinyl, but a thinner weight will do just as well while still being able to use a 75/11 sharp needle.

The applique dieline files are included in the zipped file folder and have "DL" in the filename. Print the dielines at full size using embroidery software (here's how).

Cut a small piece of vinyl a bit larger than the dieline. Tape the paper dieline template to the vinyl, and cut out the applique shapes. Set these aside for now.

Spray a piece of medium weight cutaway stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive, and smooth it onto the back of your fabric. Hoop both the fabric and stabilizer taut together.

  Freestanding Articulated Unicorn

Freestanding Articulated Unicorn  

Load the embroidery design file into your machine, and begin stitching. For this design, the first thing to stitch is the cat face.

Watch the color change sheet for the design you're stitching, and stop the machine after the placement dielines stitch. Remove the hoop from the machine, but do not remove the fabric from the hoop.

Make sure to trim any jump stitches or thread ends from the design before placing the vinyl pieces.

Place the vinyl applique pieces within the dielines. Use a small piece of masking tape to secure the vinyl in place. Then replace the hoop and continue stitching.

  Freestanding Articulated Unicorn

Freestanding Articulated Unicorn  

Once the hoop is secured in the machine, the next step will tack the vinyl pieces in place (shown here at the top and bottom of the lenses). Remove the tape from the fabric, and finish sewing the design.

Let your stylish vinyl applique shine on pillows, tote bags, and more!

Freestanding Articulated Unicorn

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Suggested designs for this tutorial: 
Dapper Dachshund (Vinyl Applique)_image
Dapper Dachshund (Vinyl Applique) $3.99 - $4.99
3 Available Sizes:
Machine Embroidery: 5.87"w x 6.97"h | 4.84"w x 5.79"h | 3.23"w x 3.86"h | Hand Embroidery
Dapper Fox (Vinyl Applique)_image
Dapper Fox (Vinyl Applique) $4.99 - $5.99
3 Available Sizes:
Machine Embroidery: 5.87"w x 6.69"h | 4.84"w x 5.51"h | 3.35"w x 3.82"h | Hand Embroidery
Dapper Cat (Vinyl Applique)_image
Dapper Cat (Vinyl Applique) $3.99 - $4.99
3 Available Sizes:
Machine Embroidery: 5.87"w x 6.81"h | 4.84"w x 5.63"h | 3.31"w x 3.86"h | Hand Embroidery
Steampunk Feline (Vinyl Applique)_image
Steampunk Feline (Vinyl Applique) $3.99 - $4.99
3 Available Sizes:
Machine Embroidery: 5.87"w x 7.20"h | 4.84"w x 5.94"h | 3.15"w x 3.86"h | Hand Embroidery
Greetings Earthling (Vinyl Applique)_image
Greetings Earthling (Vinyl Applique) $5.99 - $7.99
3 Available Sizes:
Machine Embroidery: 9.57"w x 6.85"h | 7.80"w x 5.59"h | 6.81"w x 4.88"h | Hand Embroidery
Zebra Specs (Vinyl Applique)_image
Zebra Specs (Vinyl Applique) $5.99
2 Available Sizes:
Machine Embroidery: 5.43"w x 7.80"h | 4.76"w x 6.85"h | Hand Embroidery