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Bobbinwork Embroidery_image
Bobbinwork Embroidery Turn everything you know about embroidery upside down with unique bobbinwork designs!
Embroidering with Thick Thread_image
Embroidering with Thick Thread Thick thread brings a charming, textured look to your project. Learn tips and tricks for working with this special thread!
Applique Basics_image Applique Basics Combine fun fabrics with embroidery to create a satin-edge applique project!
Trapunto Quilt Block_image Trapunto Quilt Block Add batting to individual quilt block designs to create epic projects!
Embroidering on T-shirts_image Embroidering on T-shirts Embellish your favorite plain T's with your favorite embroidery with this quick and simple tutorial!
Embroidering on Hoodies_image Embroidering on Hoodies Get comfy with stitching on sweatshirts! Here's how to embroider this cozy classic.
Clear Vinyl Applique_image Clear Vinyl Applique Add a layer of dimension to your embroidery with this see-through raw edge applqieu technique!
Stitching on Burlap_image Stitching on Burlap Give your project a rustic feel by embroidering on burlap fabric. Perfect for the Holiday season, or any time of the year.
Stitching on Towels_image Stitching on Towels Stitch your favorite embroidery designs on towels -- we'll show you how!
Pop-Up Applique_image Pop-Up Applique Take your applique projects to the next level with this 3D hot air balloon design. This quick tutorial shows you how to make it POP!
Designing a Quilt for Machine Embroidery_image Designing a Quilt for Machine Embroidery Never made a quilt before? No problem! We'll help you gather ideas, inspiration, and make a beautiful quilt.
Stitching with Glow Thread_image Stitching with Glow Thread Bring a little something extra to your embroidery with glow-in-the-dark thread! This tutorial looks at how to use it best.
Reverse Applique_image Reverse Applique Put a twist on applique embroidery! Cutouts in your main fabric allow patches to peek through. Here's how to use these special designs!
Stitching on Leather_image Stitching on Leather Combine the rustic look of leather with the age old art of needle and thread into classy projects, with these useful tips and tricks!
Blanket Stitch Applique_image Blanket Stitch Applique With cute, visible stitches, blanket stitch applique embroidery designs craft a quirky, textural look! Here's how to put them together.
Using Alignment Stitches_image Using Alignment Stitches Perfectly place the three sections of the Ascending Hawk design with spcial alignment stitches.
Thread Nesting and Tension_image Thread Nesting and Tension A little tension can be a good thing for your machine - find out how to troubleshoot these machine embroidery issues.
Preventing Thread Breaks_image Preventing Thread Breaks Thread snapping every time you try to take a stitch? Check your needle, thread, technique, and more to fix thread breaks.
Stitching Multicolor Lace_image Stitching Multicolor Lace Freestanding lace gets extra fancy with designs specially created to stitch in multiple thread colors! Here's how to stitch 'em.
Stitching Complex Designs_image Stitching Complex Designs High stitch count designs can look fantastic -- but they can bring unique challenges, too. Here's how to stitch them beautifully!
Stitching Split Designs_image Stitching Split Designs Specially split designs let you stitch embroidery far beyond your hoop size. It's surprisingly simple -- here's how to use 'em!
How to Hide Stabilizer_image How to Hide Stabilizer Stabilizer is a must for good-looking embroidery. Here's how to hide the back of your stitching to make it smooth and wearable!
The Machine Embroiderer's Toolkit_image The Machine Embroiderer's Toolkit New to embroidery? Take a peek inside the Urban Threads studio and find out what to stock up on -- stabilizer, thread, and more.
Choosing an Embroidery Machine_image Choosing an Embroidery Machine So you want to get an embroidery machine? Awesome! Here are some things to consider.
Choosing Stabilizer_image Choosing Stabilizer The right match between designs, fabric, and stabilizer can help prevent shifting, gapping, puckering, and poor registration.
Stitching Freestanding Lace_image Stitching Freestanding Lace Stitch lace designs onto water soluble stabilizer only, then rinse, leaving only stitches. Here's how to make lace designs look their best!
Preventing Shifting and Gapping_image Preventing Shifting and Gapping Stabilizing fabric well is the key to avoiding shifts, gaps, and puckers when you embroider your favorite designs.
Quilting with Embroidery Designs_image Quilting with Embroidery Designs Quilt through layers of fabric and batting with specialized embroidery designs that make the most of this textured effect.
Hand Embroidery_image Hand Embroidery New to hand embroidery? Here are some basics to get you started on transfering and stitching your pattern.
Printing & Using Placement Templates_image Printing & Using Placement Templates Printing a copy of your embroidery design on paper can help with precise placement; here's how to do it.