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The Giving Bunny Project

Making the world a sweeter place is a big job. Crafted by stitchers just like you, these little bunnies are doing their best to bring joy to perfect strangers. Join the fluffy revolution!

Here's how it works: Download the FREE Giving Bunny design, available in two sizes for machine embroidery, as well as a PDF pattern for hand-stitchers. Stitch up as many bunnies as you please. Dress 'em up if you like, give them names, attach a tag to each to introduce them to the world, and then leave them in public spaces for someone to find.

Machine embroiderers, follow the step-by-step instructions below to make your own stitch-and-turn stuffed bunny. No embroidery machine? Don't worry! The steps are pretty similar to what you see below -- stitch your bunny's facial features, cut out the front and back body pieces, sew them right sides together with a gap for turning, turn right side out, stuff, and embellish as desired. If you're new to hand embrodiery, here's how to transfer your pattern to fabric, and a few basic stitches.

To make your bunny you'll need:

  • Felt, fleece, or other plush fabric for the body
  • Tearaway stabilizer
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • Hand-sewing needle and thread
  • A pom-pom for the tail
  • Scraps of fabric or any other embellishments you like to dress up your bunny

You'll also, of course, need the free Giving Bunny embroidery design. It comes with two files; the one whose name ends in "DL" is the dieline file, which looks like this bunny outline. Use this as a guideline to cut out two bunny-shaped pieces of fabric for the body -- here's how.

Hoop up some tearaway stabilizer nice and taut, and load up the bunny design itself (the one that doesn't end in "DL") into your embroidery machine. The first thing that will stitch is a dieline. After this stitches, spray some temporary spray adhesive onto the back of one of your bunny pieces, and stick it to the stabilizer, precisely inside the outline.

Next a tackdown outline will stitch around the outline of the bunny, followed by the bunny's cute little eyes and nose.

After the inner details are all done stitching, grab your other fabric piece and lightly spray it with adhesive, just around the edges -- we want to hold it in place, but not stick it to itself too, so that we can turn it right side out later. Take special care not to spray the ears much at all.

The last thing that will stitch is this outline, to hold the two pieces together. You'll notice there's an open space at the bottom, to allow for turning the bunny right side out.

Once your bunny is done stitching, tear it free of the stabilizer...

...and remove as much of the stabilizer as you can from the inside of the bunny, too, for maximum snuggliness.

Clip the seam allowance at the curves, being careful not to cut the seam.

Turn your bunny inside out! Pokey tools like a chopstick or the eraser end of a pencil can help get the ears and corners looking right.

Stuff your bunny with polyfill stuffing 'til it's nice and plump.

Hand-sew the opening closed...

... and hand-sew on a pom-pom for the tail.

Ta daaaa, your bunny's done! Sure, you could makd just one, but they're so quick and simple and absolutely adorable that they might just end up multiplying and taking over your sewing room. Consider yourself warned.

If you like, dress up your bunnies as you please before sending them out into the world. Cut a little scarf out of fleece and wrap your bunny up, and let him express his own unique personality!

We've seen bunnies wearing skirts, bow ties, necklaces, top hats, eye patches, mustaches, tattoos, even glasses. Ask your bunny what he or she would like!

One more thing! Give your bunny a name, then print a little tag (PDF) and attach it to your bunny, introducing him or her to the world. Thanks to Urban Threadsters around the world who've generously helped with translations, in addition to English, the tags are also available in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Dutch!

Bunnies stitched by Urban Threadsters just like you have brought joy to hundreds of strangers, reaching all seven continents (really). With your bunnies joining the movement, soon they'll conquer the world!

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