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Mushroom Pincushion_image Mushroom Pincushion Create a charming stuffed mushroom pincushion for your sewing room!
Craft Tote_image Craft Tote Keep your crafting tools organized in this personalized multi-pocket tote bag!
Wanderlust Suitcase Vanity_image Wanderlust Suitcase Vanity Embrace your wanderlust with this upcycled vanity. This easily cutomizable home decor piece is great for jewelry and more.
Doodle Pencil Case_image Doodle Pencil Case Craft a fresh start to the school year with a zippered pencil case, stitched like notebook paper and decorated with doodles!
Leather Tablet Case_image Leather Tablet Case Light, open, running-stitch designs are perfect for embroidering on leather to make a snazzy case for your gadgets!
No Sew Wall Pocket_image No Sew Wall Pocket Whip up one or several of these little embroidery-hoop organizers to keep your crafty stuff stashed in unique style!
Leather & Linen Tattoo Clutch_image Leather & Linen Tattoo Clutch Combine the natural textures of linen and lace to create a stylin' clutch! Light-stitching embroidery works great with leather.
Lace-on-Lace Jewelry Holder_image Lace-on-Lace Jewelry Holder Craft a quick, cheap, and chic jewelry holder with lace-on-lace in a frame -- we'll show you how.
Teacup Pincushion_image Teacup Pincushion Treat yourself to a classy teacup pincushion! It's a great way to reuse an ever-so-slightly chipped favorite teacup.
Crafty Tool Belt_image Crafty Tool Belt Don't let a search for your favorite scissors slow down your creative frenzy! Keep your most used tools at the ready.
CD Holder_image CD Holder Treat your CDs right! Make a car visor CD holder that's orderly and neat and involves rockin' cute embroidery.
Zippered Pouch_image Zippered Pouch This little zippered pouch is surprisingly easy to sew, and it's perfect for stashing makeup, craft supplies, and more!
Ye Olde Needle Book_image Ye Olde Needle Book Stash the tools of the trade in a coffee-stained, hand-bound needle book that looks like an old enchanted library tome!
Regal Sewing Box_image Regal Sewing Box Stitch like French royalty with this luxurious sewing box, featuring Napoleonic bees on the puffy pincushion top.
Knitting Needle Roll_image Knitting Needle Roll Carry knitting needles (or other implements of creativity) will be snug and secure in a needle roll full of personal flair.
Pretty Peacock Pouch_image Pretty Peacock Pouch Stitch this drawstring bag big or small, frilly or utilitarian, for all your stuff-toting needs.
Lock & Key Laptop Case_image Lock & Key Laptop Case Stitch a cool sideways laptop case to tote your technology in style, with embroidery in a swank peek-a-boo window!
Leather Hip Pouch_image Leather Hip Pouch Embroider on leather with the right needle and some special hooping techniques, then craft a cool hip pouch.
Yoga Mat Carrier_image Yoga Mat Carrier Craft some inner peace with this sleek, simple yoga bag, embellished with your favorite blissful design.
Needle Book Crafting Kit_image Needle Book Crafting Kit This crafty little needle case comes with its own little skull pincushion and can be customized to fit your crafting needs.
Crafty Clutter Case_image Crafty Clutter Case You woodn’t believe that you can embroider on wood. But you can. And clean up your craft area with the result.
iPod & mp3 Cozies_image iPod & mp3 Cozies A sweet embroidered cozy for an iPod or mp3 means that you’ll be stylin’ while you’re jammin’.
Floyd's Coin Purse_image Floyd's Coin Purse Store loose change or miniature bananas in a sleek vinyl coin purse. Great for humans and furry pink primates.