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Multi-Piece Lace Votive Wrap_image
Multi-Piece Lace Votive Wrap A Create alluring ambience for your home or next event with a stunning multi-piece lace votive wrap! Simply stitch each piece onto water soluble stabilizer, then rinse and hand sew the pieces together. Project instructions below will show you how!
3D Lace Ornament_image 3D Lace Ornament Deck the halls in classic and elegant style with this freestanding lace ornament. Stitch each oval piece separately, then assemble to create the 3D bauble shape. Step-by-step instructions will show you how!
Freestanding Fabric Designs_image Freestanding Fabric Designs Embroider on sturdy, non-fraying felt, then cut out the shape along the cut line. These designs are quick and simple to stitch - we'll show you how!
Freestanding Fabric Anemone_image Freestanding Fabric Anemone Create beautiful freestanding flowers in a fraction of the time with felt and light stitching.
Freestanding Layered Lace_image Freestanding Layered Lace Creating freestanding lace on your embroidery machine is always magical -- and combining layers of lace is a delightful way to create depth and dimension!
Lace Candle Wrap_image Lace Candle Wrap Give your decor a handcrafted touch with delicate lace candle wraps! We'll show you how to stitch adornments for a variety of candle sizes.
Freestanding Articulated Unicorn_image Freestanding Articulated Unicorn Craft a unicorn design so magical, the stitches stand on their own -- and the joints even move!
Soft Scalloped Brooch_image Soft Scalloped Brooch Bring your outfits a bit of vintage flair with this pretty lace brooch.
3D Layered Lace_image 3D Layered Lace Layers of freestanding lace bring beauty and dimension to elegant home decor.
Supple Succulent_image Supple Succulent Grow this beautiful succulent with colorful thread and a bit of creativity!
Soft Petals Rose_image Soft Petals Rose Stitch the petals of this unique rose on water-soluble stabilizer, rinse to leave only thread, and let a lovely rose bloom!
Layered Lace Ornaments_image Layered Lace Ornaments Craft some holiday magic with these layered freestanding lace ornaments!
Layered Lace Butterfly_image Layered Lace Butterfly Let these double layered lace butterflies bring natural beauty to your decor!
3D Lace Skull_image 3D Lace Skull Craft spooky decor with this pretty skull, sculpted out of freestanding lace!
3D Lace Fairy in Flight_image 3D Lace Fairy in Flight Flutter away with this 3-Dimensional lace fairy ornament!
Lace Cowgirl Hat_image Lace Cowgirl Hat Create the perfect western-style tiny hat using this simple freestanding lace embroidery design!
Lace Lotus Candle Holder_image Lace Lotus Candle Holder Light up your home with this gorgeous freestanding lace lotus tealight holder.
Lace Butterfly Wreath_image Lace Butterfly Wreath Embroider delicate freestanding lace butterflies and craft a beautiful home decor piece with this simple tutorial.
Blooming Lace Bouquet_image Blooming Lace Bouquet Craft a blooming bouquet of freestanding lace flowers for your home or events!
Petite Lace Parasol_image Petite Lace Parasol Drift into Spring and Summer with a tiny lace parasol -- perfect for decorating planters and more!
Enchanted Shadowbox_image Enchanted Shadowbox Bring your layered embroidery scenes to life in a magical way -- with this enchanting shadowbox!
Lace Wing Shirt_image Lace Wing Shirt Take flight! Embellish your favorite tops with these freestanding lace wings.
Lace Eiffel Tower_image Lace Eiffel Tower Craft your own mini trip to the romantic city of Paris with this lace Eiffel Tower!
Spiral Lace Tree_image Spiral Lace Tree Stitch up some fresh holiday decor with this freestanding lace spiral Christmas tree!
Lace Wreath_image Lace Wreath Decorate your home for the holidays in rustic Yuletide spleandor with this elegant freestanding lace wreath!
Under the Mistletoe_image Under the Mistletoe Dress up your home with a unique twist on the Christmas classic: a full sprig of freestanding lace mistletoe!
Santa's Sleigh_image Santa's Sleigh Craft a magical ornament or Christmas decor piece by embroidering Santa's sleigh!
Lace Pirate Ship_image Lace Pirate Ship Set sail with this charming freestanding lace pirate ship!
Lace Skull Bowl_image Lace Skull Bowl Tricks or treats? Hold 'em both in this elegant freestanding lace bowl!
Haunting Lace Scene_image Haunting Lace Scene Craft a haunting lace scene as statement piece in your home for Halloween!