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Simple Plush Kit_image Simple Plush Kit Sweet embroidered features combine with a PDF pattern and your favorite fabrics to make a one-of-a-kind stuffed toy.
Jointed Doll (In-the-Hoop)_image Jointed Doll (In-the-Hoop) Stitch each piece of this playful bunny in-the-hoop, then stuff and assemble, complete with classic button joints. We'll show you how!
Plush Pillow Creature_image Plush Pillow Creature A sweet face in the center of a sham, paired with plush ears in the top seam, turns and ordinary pillow into a sweet snuggly friend!
In-the-Hoop Fluffy Plushies_image In-the-Hoop Fluffy Plushies Snuggle up to these adorable in-the-hoop creatures, made extra wild with faux fur!
3D Lace Fairy in Flight_image 3D Lace Fairy in Flight Flutter away with this 3-Dimensional lace fairy ornament!
Mushroom Pincushion_image Mushroom Pincushion Create a charming stuffed mushroom pincushion for your sewing room!
Pop-Up Applique Tent_image Pop-Up Applique Tent Create a 3D applique piece with an adorable surprise hidden within!
Freestanding Organza_image Freestanding Organza Create vivid and dynamic ocean embroidery with designs spcifically digitized for freestanding organza!
Freestanding Organza Feather_image Freestanding Organza Feather Drift away with your own freestanding organza creations, specifically designed for a gorgeous delicate look.
Embroidering on T-shirts_image Embroidering on T-shirts Embellish your favorite plain T's with your favorite embroidery with this quick and simple tutorial!
Pocket Pairs_image Pocket Pairs Embroider a friendly critter with a sassy pocket onto shirts and accessories with this simple tutorial.
DIY Embroidered Patches_image DIY Embroidered Patches Add unique character to jackets, shoes, accessories, and more with your favorite embroidery designs!
Animal Plush Kits_image Animal Plush Kits Create an adorable 13 x 15.5" tall embroidered fox plush using the Fox Plush Kit designs.
Notebook Doodle Pillow_image Notebook Doodle Pillow Take your notebook doodles to the next level with a combination of sewing, embroidery, and fabric markers!
Cloud Stuffie Mobile_image Cloud Stuffie Mobile Let this adorable stuffed cloud mobile shine in your home, kid's playroom, or office cubicle!
Stitch & Turn Stuffie with Felt Pieces_image Stitch & Turn Stuffie with Felt Pieces Create your own lovable stuffed stegosaurus or dragon with this easy DIY tutorial.
Misfit Doll_image Misfit Doll Craft your own misfit doll to match your personality with this simple pattern and tutorial!
Noggin Nanimals Hats_image Noggin Nanimals Hats Create a fun and funky hat for little (and big!) imaginations using your favorite character from the Noggin Nanimals face designs.
T-Shirt Dress_image T-Shirt Dress Upcycle your kid's clothing into a cute creature feature embroidered T-shirt dress!
Pocket Monster Tee_image Pocket Monster Tee Craft a creepy-crawly surprise with tentacles peeking out of a pocket! Here's how to add the design under an existing or new pocket.
Flying Monkey Kids' Tee_image Flying Monkey Kids' Tee So your favorite tot's a little monkey. Celebrate that mischievous nature with this adorable winged "little minion" tee!
Stitch & Turn Stuffies with Applique_image Stitch & Turn Stuffies with Applique Stitch an adorable plush toy in the hoop, then turn and stuff! A second layer of applique fabric makes these designs unique.
Plushie Pals_image Plushie Pals Stitch an army of plush friends with these in-the-hoop designs! Stitch and turn appendages separately for a smooth, polished look.
Design Muse - Pattern Repeat Hoodie_image Design Muse - Pattern Repeat Hoodie A light, repeatable embroidery design interlocks to form an endless field of kitties. Here's how to use it!
Fluffy Yeti_image Fluffy Yeti Know what winter calls for? Fluffy yetis. Stitch up your own plush yeti ornament or toy in-the-hoop, complete with faux fur fabric!
Doodle Pencil Case_image Doodle Pencil Case Craft a fresh start to the school year with a zippered pencil case, stitched like notebook paper and decorated with doodles!
Fabric Coloring Book_image Fabric Coloring Book Stitch just the outline of an embroidery design onto a blank white page, and let little ones fill in the details with fabric markers.
Kawaii Critter_image Kawaii Critter Mix and match facial features to create your own cute and unique kawaii-style bunny, bear, or kitty!
Tiny Plush Unicorn_image Tiny Plush Unicorn Bring some magic to your day with this stitch-and-turn unicorn design, complete with yarn mane and tail!
Doodle Stitch Wall Hanging_image Doodle Stitch Wall Hanging Extend this kitty design's doodles to create an adorable, personalized wall hanging on stretched canvases.