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Color Splash Embroidery_image Color Splash Embroidery Use this fabric painting technique to show off your favorite embroidery designs. White stitches make your colors truly pop!
Design Muse - Getting Glamorous with Embroidery_image Design Muse - Getting Glamorous with Embroidery Who says embroidery has to be cutesy and kitschy? Here's how to stitch sophisticated looks for special occasions or every day!
Design Muse Ink Without the Commitment_image Design Muse Ink Without the Commitment Craft your own tattooed cardigan with a custom collection of designs, merged into a sleeve that's uniquely you!
Design Muse - Heraldic Crest_image Design Muse - Heraldic Crest Encircle a favorite symbolic creature in a frame of golden swirls. Here's how to arrange your crest designs!
Design Muse - 13 Design Trends_image Design Muse - 13 Design Trends Discover lots of ways to make your embroidery more awesome! Create amazing new effects with your favorite designs
Design Muse - Making a Scene_image Design Muse - Making a Scene Stitch a bold scene with uniquely extendable embroidery! Learn how to overlap and arrange elements to make a big splash.
Design Muse - Freestanding Lace Applique_image Design Muse - Freestanding Lace Applique Dress up any project with lacy accents! Stitch lace separately, then hand-sew onto fabric to accent garments and more.
Design Muse - Pattern Repeat Hoodie_image Design Muse - Pattern Repeat Hoodie A light, repeatable embroidery design interlocks to form an endless field of kitties. Here's how to use it!
Design Muse - Stitching on Sleeves_image Design Muse - Stitching on Sleeves Give yourself a thread tattoo with embroidery down a sleeve! Here's how to open up the seam and arrange your designs.
Design Muse - Any Design as Applique_image Design Muse - Any Design as Applique Turn any light-stitching embroidery design into applique! Just stitch on top of a contrast fabric, then snip away the extra.
Design Hacks_image Design Hacks Learn tips and tricks to tweak your designs with color, adding or subtracting elements, using specialty threads, and more.