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Embroidered Face Mask_image Embroidered Face Mask Fashion meets function with this clever face mask sewing pattern! Simply choose your fabric and your favorite embroidery design to create your own. The step-by-step project instructions below will show you how!
Embroidering on Faux Leather_image Embroidering on Faux Leather Discover all the places that your imagination can go with the versatility of faux leather! This fabric comes in a variety of weights and styles, making it perfect for nearly any design.
Embroidering Over Seams_image Embroidering Over Seams Don't let garment seams hold you back! Embroider your designs over seams with ease.
Freestanding Organza_image Freestanding Organza Create vivid and dynamic ocean embroidery with designs spcifically digitized for freestanding organza!
Embroidering on T-shirts_image Embroidering on T-shirts Embellish your favorite plain T's with your favorite embroidery with this quick and simple tutorial!
Pocket Pairs_image Pocket Pairs Embroider a friendly critter with a sassy pocket onto shirts and accessories with this simple tutorial.
Cold Shoulder Sweater_image Cold Shoulder Sweater Show off your embroidery (and your shoulders!) with this fashionable sweater tutorial.
Applique Elbow Patches_image Applique Elbow Patches Add cushion and style to your sweaters with stylish and unique applique elbow patches!
DIY Embroidered Patches_image DIY Embroidered Patches Add unique character to jackets, shoes, accessories, and more with your favorite embroidery designs!
Capped Sleeve Sweater_image Capped Sleeve Sweater Take ordinary sweaters to statement pieces by adding mirrored embroidery to the shoulder caps!
Boho Button-Up Shirt_image Boho Button-Up Shirt Get the look of trending embroidered fashion at a fraction of the price, with a little ingenuity and work!
Embroidered Sweater Cuffs_image Embroidered Sweater Cuffs Keep a sustainable fashion wardrobe by updating old favorites with pretty embroidered sleeve cuffs.
Embroidering on Hoodies_image Embroidering on Hoodies Get comfy with stitching on sweatshirts! Here's how to embroider this cozy classic.
Lace Wing Shirt_image Lace Wing Shirt Take flight! Embellish your favorite tops with these freestanding lace wings.
Applique Sweater Repeat_image Applique Sweater Repeat Repeat your favorite applique design, such as this Argyle Skull design on sweaters and more!
Embroidered Collar Tips_image Embroidered Collar Tips Make a statement with subtle embroidery details on your shirt collars!
Embroidered Cowl Scarf_image Embroidered Cowl Scarf Whether you're looking for a sweet gift idea or a way to keep warm, this embroidered scarf is a quick and classic project!
Cutting Edge Applique_image Cutting Edge Applique Add some flair to your wardrobe with a cutting-edge applique design!
Unique & Offbeat Monogramming_image Unique & Offbeat Monogramming Whether you are following tradition or crafting your own style, monogramming is the perfect way to personalize gifts and more!
Lace Cardigan Upcycle_image Lace Cardigan Upcycle Create a dark and lacy upcycled cardigan showcasing your favorite Nocturnus designs!
Hoodie to Jacket Upcycle_image Hoodie to Jacket Upcycle Add a stylish new leather detailed jacket to your wardrobe, upcycled from a simple hooded sweatshirt in this tutorial.
Dark Adornments_image Dark Adornments Learn how to stitch and assmble these dark and elegant freestanding lace designs from the Dark Adornments collection.
Stitching on Leather_image Stitching on Leather Combine the rustic look of leather with the age old art of needle and thread into classy projects, with these useful tips and tricks!
Reverse Applique Jacket_image Reverse Applique Jacket Ramp up your wardrobe with this easy reverse applique technique using the dimensional Grow Wild animal designs and some denim.
Using Alignment Stitches_image Using Alignment Stitches Perfectly place the three sections of the Ascending Hawk design with spcial alignment stitches.
T-Shirt Dress_image T-Shirt Dress Upcycle your kid's clothing into a cute creature feature embroidered T-shirt dress!
Restyled Sweater_image Restyled Sweater Restyle a too-big, outdated sweater into a beautiful fashionable piece using bold, colorful embroidery.
Lunar Scarf_image Lunar Scarf Make a beautiful and unqiue lunar scarf using light stitching moon phase embroidery designs and fabric paint.
Instant Holiday Sweater_image Instant Holiday Sweater The classic holiday sweater gets a playful twist! Learn how to repeat and align embroidery designs to craft chic seasonal wear.
Pocket Monster Tee_image Pocket Monster Tee Craft a creepy-crawly surprise with tentacles peeking out of a pocket! Here's how to add the design under an existing or new pocket.