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Embroidered Faux Leather Clutch_image Embroidered Faux Leather Clutch Venture outside the hoop with this beautiful yet simple faux leather clutch pattern! Chose your favorite color, texture, and thickness of faux leather, then pick any embroidery design that suits your fancy. We'll show you how to make your own with step-by-step instructions below!
In-the-Hoop Wallet Wristlet_image In-the-Hoop Wallet Wristlet Add sleek and fashionable accents to your wardrobe with an in-the-hoop wallet inspired by nature.
In-the-Hoop Leather Clutch_image In-the-Hoop Leather Clutch Stitch a stylish clutch purse that will make the perfect accetn to a wide variety of outfits. We'll show you how to stitch this unique in-the-hoop design!
Embroidery for Phone Cases_image Embroidery for Phone Cases This quick and easy project combines a pretty little embroidery design with a transparent phone cover to create a one-of-a-kind look.
Soft Scalloped Brooch_image Soft Scalloped Brooch Bring your outfits a bit of vintage flair with this pretty lace brooch.
Freestanding Organza_image Freestanding Organza Create vivid and dynamic ocean embroidery with designs spcifically digitized for freestanding organza!
Blooming Lace Bouquet_image Blooming Lace Bouquet Craft a blooming bouquet of freestanding lace flowers for your home or events!
3D Organza Flower_image 3D Organza Flower Make your projects pop with this soft and elegant 3D organza flower bloom!
Pocket Pairs_image Pocket Pairs Embroider a friendly critter with a sassy pocket onto shirts and accessories with this simple tutorial.
DIY Embroidered Patches_image DIY Embroidered Patches Add unique character to jackets, shoes, accessories, and more with your favorite embroidery designs!
Lace Wing Shirt_image Lace Wing Shirt Take flight! Embellish your favorite tops with these freestanding lace wings.
Applique Sweater Repeat_image Applique Sweater Repeat Repeat your favorite applique design, such as this Argyle Skull design on sweaters and more!
Embroidered Cowl Scarf_image Embroidered Cowl Scarf Whether you're looking for a sweet gift idea or a way to keep warm, this embroidered scarf is a quick and classic project!
Award Winning Ribbons_image Award Winning Ribbons Dress up any patch by making them into award ribbons. This tutorial covers two simple and distinct ways to do it.
Sleep Masks_image Sleep Masks Take a restful cat nap in this adorable in-the-hoop eye mask!
Leafy Lace Hair Accessories_image Leafy Lace Hair Accessories Add some intrigue to your fashion wardrobe with this quick and easy freestanding lace accessory!
Lace Fan_image Lace Fan Stitch up a beautiful freestanding lace fan -- the perfect accessory to wedding dresses, costumes, classy outfits and more!
Embroidering on a Floppy Hat_image Embroidering on a Floppy Hat Customize a great summer accessory -- the fashionable floppy hat with some beautiful embroidery!
Unique & Offbeat Monogramming_image Unique & Offbeat Monogramming Whether you are following tradition or crafting your own style, monogramming is the perfect way to personalize gifts and more!
Lace Flower Projects_image Lace Flower Projects Craft your freestanding lace Wildflower into an amazing array of projects for the home or special events.
Metallic Dipped Lace_image Metallic Dipped Lace Give your freestanding lace projects a shimmering metallic look with this quick and easy tutorial!
Dark Adornments_image Dark Adornments Learn how to stitch and assmble these dark and elegant freestanding lace designs from the Dark Adornments collection.
Craft Tote_image Craft Tote Keep your crafting tools organized in this personalized multi-pocket tote bag!
Dice Bag_image Dice Bag Grab your game dice, it's time to create the perfect flat-bottomed drawstring dice bag!
Noggin Nanimals Hats_image Noggin Nanimals Hats Create a fun and funky hat for little (and big!) imaginations using your favorite character from the Noggin Nanimals face designs.
Using Alignment Stitches_image Using Alignment Stitches Perfectly place the three sections of the Ascending Hawk design with spcial alignment stitches.
Lace Bow_image Lace Bow Simple, sweet and easy to make, this adorable lace bow is the perfect addition to accessories, clothes and even little toys!
Lunar Scarf_image Lunar Scarf Make a beautiful and unqiue lunar scarf using light stitching moon phase embroidery designs and fabric paint.
Passport Cover_image Passport Cover See the world in style! Protect your passport and showcase some beautiful embroidery with this simple-to-stitch passport cover.
Charm Stack Bracelets_image Charm Stack Bracelets Embroider a collection of tiny freestanding lace charms, then string them together into a fashionable stack of bracelets!