Urban Threads Official Tee

You guys have long asked for official Urban Threads swag. Well, finally we have a uniquley UT way of making that happen: DIY! We’ve got a free, simple light-stitching Urban Threads logo design that works out the same no matter your hoop size. With a little basic customization and your new design, you’ll got your very own official Urban Threads tee! I’ll show you an easy way to make a basic version of the tee, as well how to assemble it for the smaller hoops.

OK, really all your tee needs to have to be an “official” UT tee is the name and logo stitched on, but I think the “splat” element is another easy way to make it look extra Urbanthreadsish. Is that a word? Whatevs. What you need to make your UT tee is:

  • A shirt. Really any shirt.
  • Urban Threads T-shirt embroidery design
  • Scissors
  • Sheer mesh cutaway stabilizer
  • Fabric paint if you want to add some splat!
  • Spray guard (if you’re using paint, just something to stop the paint from oozing through your tee - I used an old magazine)

Printed templates also help a lot, especially if you’re assembling the 4"x4" version of this design.



OK! We start with splats. I have a pink and a red, to mimic the classic UT colors. I put an old magazine behind the area where I’m spraying so the pink doesn’t bleed to the back.


Then add a second splat.

This is a very technical tutorial, isn’t it?



One splat, two splat, no splat, blue splat.

It doesn’t really matter, but it’s a fun and easy motif to play with.

OK! Now the most important part. The name and logo. How you stitch this together very much depends on the size of your hoop. In order for our folks with a 4"x4" hoop to have a nice big design like everyone else, we cut up the 4"x4" version to be assembled easily in 5 pieces.

The 5"x7" version of the design is just three easy pieces, the first word, second word, and logo.

The 6"x10" version is both words, and then the logo. Easy peasy!

So, here’s how the 4"x4" design looks laid out in printed templates.



Once you know where you design should start, tape that template in place and hoop it up with your sheer mesh cutaway stabilizer. Stitch away!

With that first little piece stitched out, use your next template to line up the last bit of "Urban." Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, the logo is sorta wonky to begin with, so it’s very forgiving with placement.

If you’re using a 5"x7" hoop, your first design should have sewn out all of "Urban" in one go.



Next, line up the beginning of "Threads." This kinda lines up with the T-roughly under the R, but hey, you don’t have to do it that way. That’s just the main layout.

With the beginning of "Threads" stitched out, finish it off by carefully placing your last template.

5"x7" folks, you should be able to stitch "Threads" as all one word.



Hey! We now have all of "Urban Threads." This is what 6"x10" hoop users will get on their first hooping. Now all of us just need to add that logo, and we’re done! The suggested layout is in that open area after "Urban," but the whole DIY aspect of this means you can really do what you like. Just put the logo somewhere.

That’s it! No matter your hoop size, you’ll end up with the same size finished design.



Some splatter paint and quick stitching and you have your own custom Urban Threads tee!

Wear it with pride however you styled it, because there are a lot of unique ways to do it.



Want another easy way to add that "splat" without paint? Try a little bleach! Check out this tutorial, or even this one, to see how you can get a cool effect without any paints.

Like this dark and broody black version of the tee.

There are so many ways to make this yours. To demonstrate, we asked the Urban Threads team to each try their own take on a UT tee, and we got lots of delightfully different results.



UT marketing wizard and ringmaster Karline decided to put her main design on the back of a hoodie instead of the front of a tee...

But then she accented the front with the logo again. Classy and simple!



UT artist Dani decided on some unusual placement for her design, putting it instead at the bottom front of her tee.

If you look a little closer, you can also see she did a cool double layering effect with the logo, stitching is just offset in a slightly different color.



Bonnie is our newest digitizer, and adorably quirky. She has a thing for big shiny eyeballs, so she added her own unique stamp to her tee with felt, along with a little felt "splat."

Doing an applique fabric "splat" is just another way to play with the logo motifs and make it yours. Also, don’t be afraid to add your own motifs or favorite designs. It’s your shirt now!



Caitlin opted for a lighter tank top for the warmer months ahead. She also tried playing with applique.

She even added sparkly fabric underneath her logo!



Taylor kept this simple, with a jaunty offset logo and type.

He went a different route with a stitched splat, keeping it all in stitches.



Danielle too kept her tee simple, but gave it a fashionable touch with a side stitched logo. It’s a nice placement idea if you want your logo tee to be a bit more subtle.

She also used the small logo like Karline as a front tee accent. Simple but chic!


There’s no wrong way to make your new "official" Urban Threads tee, as long as you stitch on the name and logo somewhere. Have fun personalizing yours however you like. Urban Threads is what you make of it, so your tee should be as unique as your stitching style!

Want a printer-friendly PDF of this page? You got it, bud.
Suggested designs for this tutorial: