Lace-Up Choker

We love our lace and gothic accessories here at Urban Threads, especially when the air turns cooler and nights turn longer. We know that long lace accessories like this can sometimes be a challenge with small hoops, and stitching together two pieces can sometimes not look the way you want it. Well, unless you design it that way, of course!

This chic lace necklace borrows from the laced-up look of corsetry to make for a simple and elegant accessory that’s a cinch to “sew” together. All you need are your lace pieces and some ribbon!

To make your choker, you’ll need:

  • Corset Choker (Lace) embroidery design - it's available in two sizes, which will look a little different but work just the same
  • 40 to 60 weight 100% cotton thread for the top and bobbin thread
  • Heavy duty water-soluble stabilizer - we used Sulky Ultra Solvy
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors, I guess, unless you have really sharp teeth

First things first, you'll need to stitch out the two lace pieces from this design, in 100% cotton thread on the heavy duty water-soluble stabilizer. Check out this tutuorial for an overview of stitching freestanding lace. You should end up with two pieces, mirror images of each other. Soak them to remove the water-soluble stabilizer and let them dry completely.

First snip a nice long piece of ribbon. This is what we’re going to use to lace up the center of our choker.

This is about how long I made mine. Really, a lot of this length is decorative, it depends on how much of a bow and tail you want on your choker.

Let’s start with your two lace pieces. They should be mirror images of each other. Line them up next to each other like so.

Start your lacing through the top as pictured, making sure the two ends are even. This way will allow the bow at the bottom to lace up on the front. Continue lacing your ribbon through the provided satin holes.

Tie the excess off in a cute little bow.

Cut two more pieces of ribbon, long enough to meet up and tie around your neck. This will be a little different for everyone. Loop the ribbon around the stitched loops provided on the choker.

Tie your choker on and you’re set! Two pieces of lace and a quick bit of lacing and you’ve got yourself an easy choker that can be stitched in a small hoop.

Dangle charms or add chains to make it even more luxurious, or just let it be simple and elegant lace. There’s no wrong way to wear it!

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Suggested designs for this tutorial: 
Corset Choker (Lace)_image
Corset Choker (Lace) $5.99
2 Available Sizes:
Machine Embroidery: 4.88"w x 2.36"h | 3.86"w x 1.89"h