Lace and Organza Lantern

Craft a warm glow with freestanding lace lanterns you've crafted yourself! Organza added to selected panels brings beautiful, sheer color and texture to these unique designs. Follow our step-by-step instructions to see how to stitch your own!

First things first: you'll need to download the embroidery design files for your lace and organza lantern. We're using the  Moroccan Lantern (Lace) design

You will also need:

  • Organza fabric
  • Hand-sewing needle and thread to match the color of your lace
  • Scissors
  • Battery-powered tea light
  • Hot glue gun and glue (optional)


Begin by stitching each of the nine pieces of freestanding lace. You will need four organza side pieces, four lace top pieces, and a base piece.

There are two different kinds of lace here: traditional, stitched onto heavy water-soluble stabilizer, (here's more on stitching freestanding lace), and organza applique. We're going to stitch each lace piece one at a time -- only one piece per hooping.

The lace pieces with organza are pretty similar to normal lace, except you'll be adding a piece of organza fabric partway through, similar to applique. First, use the dieline file (UTZ2090_DL) to cut out four organza rectangles. Then, to make your first organza lace piece, hoop up your heavy duty water-soluble stabilizer nice and taut. The first thing that will stitch is a placement dieline -- after that stitches, spray the back of your organza fabric with temporary spray adhesive, and stick it inside the rectangle. The next thing to stitch will be a tackdown to hold the lace in place. Then all of the decorative details will sew. Repeat these steps with the A, B, C, and D files -- when you're done, you should have four rectangular panels, as shown.

After your nine pieces are done stitching, rinse out the water-soluble stabilizer, and let your lace dry completely.

Starting by stitching together the base of your lantern by connecting the four side panels. Remember to alternate the open organza pieces with the side pieces.



For cleaner stitches, I sewed the sides together, then flipped the piece right side out.

It may help to pinch and/or iron your lantern corners to get a crisp structure to support the piece.



Here is what the base of my lantern looked like after it had been stitched and pressed.

The next task is to stitch your bottom piece on. I chose to leave one of the 4 sides unstitched so I can easily move the battery powered tea light in and out of the lantern.



This gap in the bottom will make it easier for me to insert my light when the lantern is finished.

Alternatively, if you plan on hanging the lantern, you could leave the two top panels (without the loops) unattached to your base.

Next, line up your lantern top pieces, alternating between the looped pieces.



Again, I faced the right sides of my lace inward and stitched up the sides for a cleaner look.

Continue stitching your four top panels together.

When you finished stitching, flip the top structure right-side out again and pinch the edges to give it a sharper look.



Pinch your two opposite loops together and sew 'em up!

When you are finished, your top piece should look like this.



Next, line up your lantern top piece with your base and begin stitching around the four edges.

As you go around the edges, you may have to pinch the top and base together -- Don't worry about collapsing your lace, we will pop it back out through the opening in the bottom when we are finished!



Pop your lace out using your fingers, or a pencil eraser through the opening in the bottom of your lantern.

Insert your battery-powered tea light, and you're ready to go!

There you have it! Hang it, or set it up as a piece of decor in your home -- either way, this stunning piece will softly light up your life.


The colors of organza and lace you choose provide endless possibilities!  Stitch one or several to illuminate your decor.

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