Lace Treasure Box

Craft your own delicate and beautiful freestanding lace treasure box -- perfect for holding jewelry, candy, or simply to display on it's own. This quick tutorial shows you how to easily construct this magical decor piece.

To craft your freestanding lace treasure box, you will need:

  • Treasure Box (Lace) embroidery design
  • 30-50 wt cotton 100% thread 
  • Hot glue gun and glue OR hand-stitching needle and matching thread


Begin by stitching the ten pieces of freestanding lace onto water-soluble stabilizer using 100% cotton thread (30-50 wt.) for best results.

Once you're done stitching, rinse and dry each piece completely (here's more on stitching freestanding lace).

This is how the finished pieces will line up for construction.

Start by hand stitching or hot gluing your pieces together. The sides of the box will end up on the outside edge of your bottom base piece, not sitting on top. This is important to keep the sides matching up.



Attach all of your side pieces to the bottom base piece, holding firm until your glue is dried.

Next, glue up the sides of the box.



After you've stitched all of your side pieces onto the bottom base, do the same to the sides of your top base.

This is what your finished pieces will look like after they are finished drying.



And there you have it! Use your delicate lace box to hold keepsakes, jewelry, candy, or make an assortment of sizes and colors and stack 'em up on a pretty shelf.

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Suggested designs for this tutorial: 
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