Lace Poinsettia

Craft a simply elegant freestanding lace ornament for the holiday season! This versatile and classic poinsettia is a great way to spruce up your tree, or even embellish accessories, and home decor pieces. So grab your Perfect Lace Poinsettia embroidery design and let's get to it!

To create your lace poinsettia ornament you will need:



Begin by stitching each of the four pieces of freestanding lace onto the water-soluble stabilizer -- only one lace piece per hooping. Here's more on stitching freestanding lace. After they're done stitching, rinse out the water-soluble stabilizer, and let your lace dry completely.

Once you have your lace pieces, line them up largest to smallest.

Starting with the two largest pieces, begin layering your flower. Alternate petals as you go and keep the center lined up together.  

Use a brad through the center of your four layers to hold the flower together.



Pull the brad through the back and press the sides down to secure the layers together.

Thread your fishing line or thread through the corner of one of your lace petals. I chose to thread my line through the second layer to help the ornament keep balanced.



Your perfect poinsettia is complete! The uses for this beautiful piece are endless -- let it shine on your Christmas tree, affix to a Santa hat, accessorize your holiday decor, or make a bouquet of several poinsettias!

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