Lace Pocket Ornament

Homemade ornaments are cool and all ... but they're even better with tiny treats inside! These ornaments have a special surprise: stitch each freestanding lace piece separately, then sew or glue the edges together to create a tiny pocket to hold little gifts, candy, or notes. It's super simple to make -- we'll show you how!

To make your ornament, you’ll need:

It should be mentioned that the lace pieces that come with a loop can also be used as simple ornaments all on their own!



In order to make our little lace ornament two-sided, we just need to attach the two pieces around the edges. The easiest way to do this is with hot glue, although you could also hand-stitch the sides shut as well.

If you're gluing it in place, run a thin line of glue all around the sides of the back of one of your lace pieces, leaving the top open.

Line up the other lace piece on top and press it in place. The glue should just adhere to the sides and leave the middle of the ornament "open" to slide in tiny gifts.



When the glue dries, you can test it out by sliding a finger into the top of the ornament. There should be just enough room to add a small item.

To hang your stocking, cut a piece of string or ribbon, and stick it through the loop at the top of your stocking. Tie the top closed.

For the mittens, try tying one end of your ribbon to each loop, then drape them over a branch.



Easy! Your ornaments are ready to be hung and accept gifts or treats on the tree.

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