Lovely Lace
Lace Earrings

There are just so many wonderful things lace can do...

Want another? Well, today I’ll show you a new way to add to your wearable lace collection, steampunk lace key earrings! They're super simple to make and really pretty.

Since we’ve done so many lace projects, I’m going to skip ahead to having our lace stitched out. If you want a refresher on how to sew out machine embroidery lace, check out the beginning of this tutorial. You pretty much just need your machine, some water soluble stabilizer, and thread. Stitch out two of the small sized lace keys and then follow along with me to make your skeleton key earrings.

Got your two little lace keys all sewn out? Good! Here’s what else you’ll need to make your earrings..

  • A pliers/cutter (usually found in the jewelry section of a craft store)

  • Findings (jump rings, and head pins)

  • Earring findings

  • Beads, crystals, hand embroidery floss or charms for embellishment

So, let's have a look at your little lace key and work out where it’s best to add your bling.

You’ll notice at the top of a key there’s already a loop so you can easily add it as a charm or attach earring hooks to it. That’s a no-brainer.

For the rest of the key, there aren’t any definite areas; however, the light fill is quite easy to punch a jump ring through. The satin stitch areas are not. You can usually tell the difference, because the light fill areas have little tiny holes and you should be able to sort of see through it. These are areas you can add more embellishments.

Let's start with the easy one... the earring loop! Grab one earring hook and your jewelry pliers. Use the pliers to gently open the loop at the end, then hook it into the lace loop at the top of the key and close it up with the pliers again.

You could totally leave it like this if you like, but we can make it so much more awesome.

So, grab one of your jump rings, the little circle guys. Use your pliers to open one up a little, and then find an open fill area near the side edge of your key and push it through. If it’s not working, that’s probably because you’re trying to go through a satin stitch area.

Let’s start building some bling! Take one of your charms (I’m starting with one that has a loop on the top and the bottom, so it can be linked on either end). These are great middle pieces.

Loop the top ring of your charm onto the jump ring you just attached, and close the loop, like so.

To make a dangly charm, unless you bought one that comes that way, you’ll need a head pin. It kinda looks like a regular pin, with a flat end on one side, but the other side isn’t pointy. This is so you can add beads and then close the loop up on the other side.

I added three crystals to my pin, and then bent it near the top where the crystals ended. Trim this about a centimeter above your crystals. we only need enough of the pin to close a loop.

With the top of your pin bent, hook it through the bottom of your last charm, then use your pliers to bend it shut the rest of the way into a closed loop.

Yay! One side is all pretty and charmed up. Let's do it again!

Build another dangly charm piece just like the last one, and attach it on the other side.

As a final touch, I made one more dangly bit (technical term) but left off the round charm so it was a bit shorter. I attached this one at the bottom of my key.

When you’re done, repeat this process all over again on your other little lace piece, and in no time at all you have a beautiful new set of earrings!

Add a fun fringe effect to a lace earring like our Geometric Earrings (Lace). To do this you will need: the finished lace earring, hand embroidery floss, a ruler, scissors, tweezers, and either a clean fine tooth comb or a stiff bristled paint brush.

Start by taking a piece of hand embroidery floss and cutting it to size. In this tutorial, we cut the hand embroidery floss down to 3.5" inches. Be careful not to cut the floss too short since it will be folded in half. The number of pieces you need will depend on how full you want the final fringe to look.

Begin by folding a strand of the hand embroidery floss in half, then feed the fold of the loop through the back of the earring opening.

With the loop in place, use either your fingers or tweezers to pull the tails of the hand embroidery floss through the top of the loop.

Pull the tails taught and be sure that the ends remain even.

Repeat to loop the hand embroidery floss around the bottom of the earring until the fringe is as full as you would like.

Once the fringe is to your desired thickness, use either a fine tooth comb or stiff bristled paint brush to comb out the hand embroidery floss and loosen the strands. This will help the strands to fall more neatly and create the desired fringe effect.

And remember, lace earring designs don't just have to be earrings! You can add them as a charm to anything, even using it as a charm on other lace pieces! The lace key comes in two sizes, meaning you can do just about anything with them. Be creative and have fun with it!

Pretty earrings are so satisfying to make. Mix and match techniques to come up with some great new creations! Wendy H. on Cut Out and Keep shows how to create some fantastically glamorous (really!) guitar pick earrings. Trey & Lucy crafts earrings out of pre-made lace trims, finished off with a little bow. I Wonder Woman shows how to make a simple, sparkly beaded drop earring. And The DI Denizen refashions various old jewelry and baubles into colorful, creative earrings. Our favorites are the buttons!

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