Kawaii Christmas Ornaments & Applique

Looking to add a little SQUEE to your Christmas stitching in a hurry? These little Kawaii Christmas designs are totally adorable, versatile, and quick to stitch up. Don’t think of them just as ornaments either! Any of these designs can be used as either an ornament or a traditional applique, so you can stitch up Christmas cuteness for your tree or your tee.

Stitching Ornaments In the Hoop

One obvious way of using your new kawaii designs is to stitch up super cute ornaments for your tree, or as stupidly adorable decor for your home. All these designs can be stitched up as ornaments, and all you need to make an ornament is:

To start, cut out your applique fabric shapes using the dieline files that came with the design. Be sure to cut out a back and front piece!

To make your design into an ornament, first hoop up a piece of tearaway stabilizer. Once your machine starts stitching, it will sew a dieline. Spray the wrong side of your front fabric shape, and place it inside that dieline. Your machine will then stitch a tackdown and the inside details of your kawaii design. At this point, carefully take your design off your machine but keep it in the hoop. To make it an ornament, add a loop of ribbon to the back with tape, spray and place the back piece of fabric, and change your bobbin to match your satin outline (in this case, black)

Place your hoop back on your machine, and it will sew a final satin stitch outline around everything, securing the back fabric and ribbon loop in place.

Tear your ornament free from the stabilizer, and it’s ready to hang!

It’s just that easy to make these designs into little ornaments. Bright bunnies, elves, and Christmas confections can bright a deplorably adorable look to your tree this season. They also make great gifts!

Want to get extra creative? Why not try something different with the little mini light bulb designs. Instead of stitching them with a loop, stitch on long ribbon attached to each, so they hang like a string of Christmas lights! These would make adorable garland all around the house or on the tree.

Stitching Ornament Designs as Applique

Just because you *can* make them into ornaments doesn’t mean you have to, though. These also stitch up super quick as regular applique designs! All you need for a regular applique design is:

Hoop up your fabric with stabilizer. Your machine will start by stitching a dieline. Spray the back of your applique piece with adhesive and place it carefully inside the line. Set your machine stitching again. At this point, you can just let it stitch all the way to the end! You won’t need to take it off or change a bobbin or anything. Just let it stitch all the way through its final satin outline.

Here’s your same little gingerbread man stitched out as applique on regular fabric. It’s quick and easy!

Make an adorable set of matching gifts, using both the ornament and regular applique technique of a kawaii design.

Gift towels, tees, onesies, tanks, bags, pillows and more! The simple style and applique nature of these designs means they’ll stitch up in a jiffy even with Christmas looming.

So make your holiday sweet with the kawaii collection, and bring some happy fun time joy to Christmas!

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