Everything but Stitches

Everything but Stitches

You’ve seen a lot of the cool stuff we’ve done with Urban Threads designs embroidery designs, but there's a whole host of non-stitchy ideas that you guys have come up with that we never even dreamed of! From the conventional but cool, to the totally off-the-wall ideas, here are a few examples of great things you can do with Urban Threads art, even if you don’t feel like diving into thread, made by Urban Threadsters just like you!


Let’s start with one of the more conventional but arguably awfully cool and popular technique of printing, or image transfers. Plenty of crafty peeps have taken their favorite Urban Threads designs and printed them onto totes, tees... lots of tees... and the like. If you don’t have access to a screen printing shop (I know, I’m jealous too) you might be able to go to a local screen printer to get your favorite designs made into crafty new things!

How about just plain ol’ printing the designs? Urban Threads designs are perfect for scrapbookers! Print the black and white hand embroidery designs and add your own color pizzazz! Dress ‘em up with all the usual fun embellishments and you’ve got a whole new take on a design. They’re great for quick projects and holiday cards. If you'd like, you could even get the kiddies involved (if you’re not too particular on the neatness of your cards) and use the hand embroidery designs as coloring pages!

How about skipping the printing and diggin’ in and doing it yourself, by painting! You can interpret the designs in your own way, change up the colors or add details, but still have a foundation to work from. Plus, you can make it any size, any color, or any medium!

Transfer a design onto canvas and paper, a lot like you do in hand embroidery, and then grab your medium of choice and go to town! Create amazing works of art worthy of hanging on your walls or giving as awesome gifts.

Try taking your painting mediums beyond the usual! Silk painting is a beautiful medium and lends to an absolutely gorgeous, flowy canvas piece when you’re done. Use it to make the world’s coolest scarf, or just hang it on the wall in all its glory. You need special paints and some sealers to do silk painting, but once you have the supplies it’s pretty easy to dive right in.

Can’t screen print but want to expand your canvas horizons even further? Take a brush to your favorite hoodie! Fabric paints and a little stenciling are a great way to dress up your clothes when image transferring isn’t possible, especially with a lot of dark fabrics. Make the designs your own!

Want to ditch the conventional canvas all together? Check out this awesome body paint job! This one might be for braver souls, but it’s certainly a truly unique way of showing off your favorite steampunk design!

Care to make that body art more permanent? Get it inked! We’ve got a growing army of inked threadsters who are sporting some awesome Urban Threads inspired tattoos. There’s no better way to pay homage to your favorite design then by getting it permanently inked onto your body! It’s a great way to let your craftiness shine even when you’re not surrounded by thread, fabric scraps and glue. Plus, people will wonder where on earth you got an embroidered hoodie to match your tattoo...

How about some other non-conventional ways of using the images? Check out these awesome little porcelain pens... you can draw cute coffees or little teapots directly on mugs, plates, whatever, and make them permanent! Just think, you could have a whole set of matching Urban Threads dishes...

Another neat little project you might not have heard of is Shrinky Dinks! Shrinky Dinks are pieces of shrinkable plastic you can draw on and then using a home oven or toaster oven, you can shrink them down to make hard and permanent little designs! Trace some awesome designs, like this gorgeous featured artist piece, onto the plastic and make keychains, jewelry and bracelet charms for all occasions. It’s been around since the '70s, but it’s still quite a popular way to craft up some cool goods.

You’ve seen that you can stitch up a nifty lace mask with an embroidery machine, but what if you don’t have one? Take matters into your own hands! Transfer a skull or face design onto paper and ta-da! You’ve got your own instant costume.

Wanna take it even more offbeat? Take in into the 3D realm! Just because you’re not partial to stitching or drawings doesn’t mean you can’t still play with Urban Threads designs. Check out this awesome steampunk keyhole, in all its 3D clay glory! Can’t stitch it? Sculpt it!

Rock your style right onto your nails! Check out this totally amazing Dia de los Muertos skully manicure! What a fantastically creative use of our little mariachi skulls. This may take some special skills and a pretty steady hand, but if you can do it, man, I’d rock those babies every day!

Finally, we have to end with what has got to be the tastiest use of Urban Threads designs ever... cake decorating! Mmm... edible.

Not many of us could rock the frosting quite like this, but that’s certainly not going to stop me from decorating my next birthday cake with skulls and needles. You could even try those edible transfers and decorate the easy way.

*Om NoM nOM*

So, don’t ever be discouraged just because you don’t always dwell in the realm of threads. There are endless ways you can use Urban Threads designs to make a mark on your life! Apparel, masks, manicures, tattoos, even cake! With you guys at the helm, the possibilities are truly endless. Do you have a another awesome and offbeat example of non-stitchy Urban Threads goods? Email us at support@urbanthreads.com and show it off! We love to see what you crazy cats are up to.

Urban Threads designs can be stitched, and those stitched pieces sold. When using designs in other media, like this tutorial, you’re welcome to make items for personal use, and gifts to family and friends. No sales, please.

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