Embroidered Collar Tips

The smallest details are often the biggest thing separating an ordinary garment from an extraordinary statement piece. This tutorial will show you how to spruce up an old shirt by adding a unique and delicate touch -- collar tip embroidery!

To craft your embroidered collar tips, you will need:

  • Your favorite Collar Tip or Tiny embroidery designs
  • A shirt with a collar
  • Medium weight cutaway stabilizer
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Thread for your embroidery
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Air erase marker
  • Printed templates of your design(s) for placement


First things first -- choosing an appropriate embroidery design! To ensure you choose a design small enough for the area you're embroidering, start by measuring the collar space on the shirt you want to spruce up. The Winged Collar design or Tiny designs are generally great for this application.

Once you've selected your design, you will need to print templates to line it up on your collar. Here's more on how to print templates.

Open the shirt or blouse completely and lay the collar flat with the tip facing towards you. Use one design template to place where you'd like your embroidery to go.

Next, using an air erase marker, mark the center point of your template onto the shirt and extend the crosshairs from the template to the seams of the collar using a ruler.

If you are using the Winged Collar, keep in mind that the feathers of the design should to be pointed down and to the outer edge of the collar.


To match the placement from one collar end to the other, measure the distance of your marked crosshairs from the edge back to the collar tip, and to the collar stand (where it meets the neckline of the shirt). Mark these measurements onto the other collar end, then connect the horizontal and vertical lines to find the center of the design.


Next, cut a piece of medium weight cutaway stabilizer larger than your embroidery hoop. Use a generous amount of temporary spray adhesive on the back of the collar to adhere it to the stabilizer.

Using a ruler, extend the crosshair marks on the collar onto the stabilizer. You will need these to line up exactly with the crosshairs on your embroidery hoop.

Once hoop is in position, make sure to align the needle with the center point of the design before embroidering.

Keep in mind the direction of the collar and the way the embroidery design is positioned so it stitches out the direction you want it!



When the embroidery is finished, carefully cut away the excess stabilizer from around the back of the embroidery design.

Use steam or a damp cloth to remove the air erase marker if needed.

Repeat on the other collar side and you're done --a simple yet chic way to take your wardrobe to the next level! Now bask in the splendor of your awesomeness.


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Suggested designs for this tutorial: 
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