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Multi-Piece Lace Votive Wrap_image
Multi-Piece Lace Votive Wrap A Create alluring ambience for your home or next event with a stunning multi-piece lace votive wrap! Simply stitch each piece onto water soluble stabilizer, then rinse and hand sew the pieces together. Project instructions below will show you how!
In-the-Hoop Gift Card Holder_image
In-the-Hoop Gift Card Holder Make someone's day by giving them -- not only a gift card -- but an adorable gift card holder, too!
Embroidered Cardstock Ornaments & Bookmarks_image
Embroidered Cardstock Ornaments & Bookmarks Make your own ornaments and bookmarks with embroidered cardstock! Step-by-step project instructions below will show you how to create your own in-the-hoop.
Embroidering on Cardstock_image
Embroidering on Cardstock Send lots of love to friends and family with embroidered cards! Whether you are sending birthday wishes, or season's greetings for Christmas and more, our step-by-step project instructions will show you how to stitch onto cardstock.
Embroidered Face Mask_image Embroidered Face Mask Fashion meets function with this clever face mask sewing pattern! Simply choose your fabric and your favorite embroidery design to create your own. The step-by-step project instructions below will show you how!
Embroidered Faux Leather Clutch_image Embroidered Faux Leather Clutch Venture outside the hoop with this beautiful yet simple faux leather clutch pattern! Chose your favorite color, texture, and thickness of faux leather, then pick any embroidery design that suits your fancy. We'll show you how to make your own with step-by-step instructions below!
Leather Earrings (In-the-Hoop)_image Leather Earrings (In-the-Hoop) Bring Southwest flair to your wardrobe with these mesmerizing in-the-hoop earrings. Sturdy leather or faux leather fabric creates a timeless and weathered feel. Follow along with step-by-step instructions to learn more.
Multi-piece Fabric Butterfly (In-the-Hoop)_image Multi-piece Fabric Butterfly (In-the-Hoop) Add fantastical flair to your projects with a magical multi-piece fabric butterfly. Beautiful life-like details and straightforward construction make this the perfect design for embellishing home decor and more.
Face Mask (In-the-Hoop)_image Face Mask (In-the-Hoop) We've partnered with our sister brand, Embroidery Library, to create this new in-the-hoop face mask. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, many healthcare centers have issued requests for homemade masks -- and sewists around the globe are answering the call! Find out more.
Embroidering on Faux Leather_image Embroidering on Faux Leather Discover all the places that your imagination can go with the versatility of faux leather! This fabric comes in a variety of weights and styles, making it perfect for nearly any design.
Freestanding Organza Butterfly_image Freestanding Organza Butterfly Get carried away by light and lovely freestanding organza! These specialized designs are digitized to be embroidered on water-soluble stabilizer and organza, resulting in beautifully finished motifs.
In-the-Hoop Potholder_image In-the-Hoop Potholder Serve up unique kitchen decor with in-the-hoop pot holders! Insulated layers and your choice of decorative fabrics make these designs both cute and functional.
Mylar Applique_image Mylar Applique Add a sprinkle of glitz and glam to any project with Mylar applique! Specially digitized designs allow the Mylar to be used as applique without perforating and being "cut out."
Layered Organza Butterfly_image Layered Organza Butterfly Craft light and lovely flourishes with layered organza embroidery! These specialized designs come together in the hoop, combining multiple layers to create a beautiful finished motifs.
Multi-piece Applique with Faux Fur_image Multi-piece Applique with Faux Fur Create touchable texture with applique embroidery! Charming fabrics and soft faux fur give embroidery designs like this gnome trio a memorable look
3D Organza Rose_image 3D Organza Rose Let enchanting beauty blossom with this unique embroidery design! Stitch rose petals onto sheer organza, then cut out and assemble to make this flower come to life.
3D Lace Ornament_image 3D Lace Ornament Deck the halls in classic and elegant style with this freestanding lace ornament. Stitch each oval piece separately, then assemble to create the 3D bauble shape. Step-by-step instructions will show you how!
Freestanding Fabric Designs_image Freestanding Fabric Designs Embroider on sturdy, non-fraying felt, then cut out the shape along the cut line. These designs are quick and simple to stitch - we'll show you how!
Freestanding Fabric Hellebore_image Freestanding Fabric Hellebore Grow a dark and lovely garden of stitches with this freestanding fabric hellebore design!
In-the-Hoop Coasters_image In-the-Hoop Coasters Add a creative touch to your decor with coasters stitched in-the-hoop! Decorative stitching and your choice of fabrics give each coaster unique flair.
Layered Organza Flower_image Layered Organza Flower Layers of freestanding organza stitch together in the hoop to create a sheer and beautiful bloom.
In-the-Hoop Double Sided Lined Zipper Pouch_image In-the-Hoop Double Sided Lined Zipper Pouch Craft a beautifully finished zipper pouch, complete with optional wrist strap -- all in-the-hoop. We'll show you how!
Freestanding Fabric with Applique_image Freestanding Fabric with Applique Let your imagination take flight with freestanding fabric shapes, embellished with applique and embroidered detail!
Freestanding Fabric Poinsettia_image Freestanding Fabric Poinsettia Bring natural beauty to your holiday creations with this uniquely beautiful machine embroidery design! Soft, raw-edge felt gives this poinsettia a perfect look.
In-the-Hoop Christmas Stocking Ornament_image In-the-Hoop Christmas Stocking Ornament Fill this tiny stocking with gift cards or little treats, use it as a gift topper, or hang it on the tree as an ornament!
Freestanding Fabric Anemone_image Freestanding Fabric Anemone Create beautiful freestanding flowers in a fraction of the time with felt and light stitching.
In-the-Hoop Wallet Wristlet_image In-the-Hoop Wallet Wristlet Add sleek and fashionable accents to your wardrobe with an in-the-hoop wallet inspired by nature.
Freestanding Layered Lace_image Freestanding Layered Lace Creating freestanding lace on your embroidery machine is always magical -- and combining layers of lace is a delightful way to create depth and dimension!
Cutwork Shadowbox_image Cutwork Shadowbox Opaque fabric, translucent organza and intricate embroidery combine to create a unique shadowbox.
Lace Candle Wrap_image Lace Candle Wrap Give your decor a handcrafted touch with delicate lace candle wraps! We'll show you how to stitch adornments for a variety of candle sizes.