Thread List

Design Name: Delicate Floral Clutch (In-the-Hoop) (UTZ2921)

Size: 6.89"w x 4.09"h (175 x 104mm)

Stitches: 54801

Some sections of this design have been digitized for cotton thread. Choose 30 weight cotton thread, such as Madeira Cotona embroidery thread or 30 - 35 weight cotton sewing thread. Thread numbers below refer to Madeira Cotona and Madeira rayon thread.

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Thread Order:
1 Light Brown Sugar #1126 dieline (piece a)
2 Light Brown Sugar #1126 front piece tackdown
3 Madeira Cotona White #502 inside detail
4 Light Brown Sugar #1126 lining tackdown
5 Light Brown Sugar #1126 finishing seam
6 Light Brown Sugar #1126 front piece dieline (piece b)
7 Light Brown Sugar #1126 front piece tackdown
8 Madeira Cotona White #502 inside detail
9 Light Brown Sugar #1126 front piece lining tackdown
10 Light Brown Sugar #1126 top pocket finishing seam
11 Light Brown Sugar #1126 back piece dieline
12 Light Brown Sugar #1126 back piece tackdown
13 Light Brown Sugar #1126 finishing seam
14 Light Brown Sugar #1126 flap tackdown, top finishing seam

Threads Used:
Light Brown Sugar #1126
Madeira Cotona White #502