Thread List

Design Name: Springtime Gilded Mirage Lily (UT22013)

Size: 3.86"w x 3.70"h (98 x 94mm)

Stitches: 14888

Thread numbers refer to Madeira 40 wt. rayon, and metallic thread where noted.

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Thread Order:
1 Green Turquoise #1299 petal details
2 Cerulean Frost #1373 petal details
3 Velvet Violet #1032 petal details
4 Madeira Metallic Pale Gold #4002 borders, linework, flourishes

Threads Used:
Green Turquoise #1299
Cerulean Frost #1373
Velvet Violet #1032
Madeira Metallic Pale Gold #4002