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Design Name: Ombre Tropical Leaves Trio (UT20860)

Size: 11.73"w x 5.83"h (298 x 148mm)

Stitches: 61051

All thread numbers are Madeira rayon, 40 wt.

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Thread Order:
1 Mystic Lavender #1311 left leaf middle bottom, center leaf middle top, right leaf middle bottom
2 Caribbean Blue #1094 left leaf top, center leaf bottom, right leaf top
3 Navajo Blue #1176 left leaf middle top, center leaf middle bottom and details, right leaf middle top
4 Velvet Violet #1032 left leaf bottom, center leaf top, right leaf bottom and details
5 Dark Periwinkle #1335 left leaf middle, center leaf middle and details, right leaf center and details
6 Mystic Lavender #1311 center leaf details, right leaf details
7 Caribbean Blue #1094 center leaf details, right leaf details
8 Navajo Blue #1176 center leaf details, right leaf details

Threads Used:
Mystic Lavender #1311
Caribbean Blue #1094
Navajo Blue #1176
Velvet Violet #1032
Dark Periwinkle #1335