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Mystique (Design Pack)






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About This Product

A fascinating aura of mystery and awe surrounds this collection of charming designs. Stitch on clothing, accessories, and decor. Stitch this design in contrasting light and dark to create dynamic look on beautiful projects. Designs download as PDFs; use pattern transfer paper to trace designs for hand-stitching.

Additional Details

Included In: Engraving | Gothic & Dark

Designs Included in This Pack

Mystique - Scarab
8.62"w x 6.89"h | 0 stitches
Mystique - Two-headed Bird
9.06"w x 6.89"h | 0 stitches
Mystique - Luna Moth
6.89"w x 8.27"h | 0 stitches
Mystique - Three-eyed Cat
9.61"w x 6.89"h | 0 stitches
Mystique - Rose and Hand
6.89"w x 10.47"h | 0 stitches
Mystique - Lunar Phase Bat
7.80"w x 7.44"h | 0 stitches
Mystique - Hourglass
7.05"w x 7.83"h | 0 stitches
Mystique - Planchette
7.83"w x 7.13"h | 0 stitches
Mystique - Great Horned Owl
6.85"w x 8.31"h | 0 stitches