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Parisian Love Letter (Design Pack)






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About This Product

Craft a beautiful vintage look with these light-stitching designs. Stitch them one at a time or overlap them for a collage effect.

Designs Included in This Pack

Vintage French Postage Stamp
5.87"w x 7.48"h | 10377 stitches
Vintage French Postage Stamp
4.88"w x 6.22"h | 7433 stitches
Parisian Bee
7.60"w x 5.83"h | 27770 stitches
Parisian Clockwork
5.87"w x 5.98"h | 18148 stitches
Parisian Butterflies
6.93"w x 5.87"h | 27136 stitches
Parisian Swallows
7.52"w x 5.87"h | 20273 stitches
Bonjour Script
9.41"w x 4.17"h | 6536 stitches
Paris Script
9.41"w x 4.49"h | 7485 stitches
Je T'Aime Script
9.41"w x 4.09"h | 8360 stitches
Vintage Eiffel Tower
4.25"w x 9.41"h | 5465 stitches
Vintage Key with Ribbon
8.62"w x 5.87"h | 9197 stitches
Vintage Key with Ribbon
6.81"w x 4.65"h | 5082 stitches
Vintage Crown
6.34"w x 5.87"h | 10083 stitches
Vintage Crown
5.28"w x 4.84"h | 8526 stitches
Vintage Fleur de Lis
5.87"w x 6.57"h | 7209 stitches
Vintage Fleur de Lis
4.80"w x 5.43"h | 6061 stitches
Parisian Roses
7.17"w x 5.87"h | 21930 stitches
French Script 1
9.37"w x 2.76"h | 8048 stitches
French Script 2
9.37"w x 2.83"h | 8154 stitches
Vintage French Postmark
7.80"w x 5.87"h | 7645 stitches
Vintage French Postmark
6.46"w x 4.84"h | 6421 stitches
Parisian Scroll
9.41"w x 3.23"h | 11953 stitches
Parisian Balloon
6.54"w x 5.87"h | 17080 stitches