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Pop-Up Applique Tent

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If you've stitched applique designs before (and even if you haven't), it's fun to see the difference fabrics, textures, and styles can make with these dynamic designs. This Tea Time Tent design has a hidden surprise beneath its 3D applique piece -- and this simple tutorial will show you how it's done!


To craft your pop-up applique project, you will need:

  • Tea Time Tent (Applique) embroidery design
  • Craft Felt for your tent (the thicker the better)
  • Fabric for the inside of the tent (for this example we are using flannel)
  • Thread to match your felt and flannel
  • Fabric for your embroidery
  • Printed templates of the dieline files, which come with the design and have "DL" in the filename (here's how to print dieline templates, or stitch if you don't have software)
  • Medium weight cutaway stabilizer
  • Temporary spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Air erase marking pen (optional)

Designs Used

Let's start with those printed dieline templates...

Lightly spray the back of your template with temporary spray adhesive and put it onto your felt. Using the printed dieline, cut the largest triangle (tent) out of felt.

Repeat the same steps as before, just adding medium weight stabilizer to the back of the flannel. Using the printed dieline, cut the smallest triangle (inside of the tent) out of flannel.

Next, spray your cutaway stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive and adhere it to the back of your project fabric, then hoop both your fabric and stabilizer taut together.

The first thing to stitch out is the embroidery details of the design, including the trees, stars, and moon. When that's finished, change your thread color to match your flannel applique piece, and a dieline for your applique will stitch out. After this is finished, lightly spray the back of the flannel piece with temporary spray adhesive and place it over the stitched dieline. Your machine will sew out a tackdown, followed by the interior design.

Next, your machine will stop again so you can place the top felt piece. Lightly spray the outer edges of the felt with temporary spray adhesive and place it over the first flannel piece.

Your machine will then stitch a boarder line around the edge of the tent.

When your machine is finished stitching, carefully cut a straight line from the center of the bottom of the tent to the center top of the tent (stop at the stitch line).

Note: Use a straight edge and an air erase fabric marker to make this line if you don't want to cut free-handed.

Prop up the sides of the felt using your fingers, to reveal the special interior design!

What an adorable 3D applique creation!

This adorable design is perfect for pillows, totes, fun journal covers, and more!

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