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Color Inspirations – Softness & Shadow

Find the balance between darkness and light with this Softness & Shadow color inspiration for your embroidery designs.

A new year, and still more colors! This year, find the balance between darkness and light with this Softness & Shadow color inspiration. Just because you’re partial to light, soft tones doesn’t mean you can’t mix them with a little darkness now and then. Give your pastel hues and unexpected accent with a deep charcoal, like a shadowed tree against the soft white snow. You can further add to the sense of delicate age with softly patterned fabric or a splash of dark ink. See how it compares to the original.

Which do you prefer?

Fridays At The Office

Behind the scenes peeks at life and work at the Urban Threads office.

Finally got this beauty up in proper display in the office. Working on a big showcase area of all our favorite projects for everyone to see as they walk by. Great reminder of the awesomeness of machine embroidery and the cool things our job lets us do!

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Too Fabulous


Color Inspirations – Blue Ruin

Add a little bit of grunge to the otherwise elegant with this Blue Ruin color scheme on your embroidery designs.

Add a little antique to your week! This week’s color scheme takes inspiration from the beauty in the ruin of once fine things. There’s beauty in decay, especially when a little of the previous glory can still peek through. Use this Blue Ruin color scheme to add an earthy and aged sophistication to your designs. You can still go bold and bright with blues, but tone down the background with cool, greenish browns and grungy tones. You can even give your embroidery a grungy background to love on by adding a few swipes of paint first. See how it compares to the original.

Which do you prefer?

Quick Pic – Rodeo Queen


Rodeo Queen Designer Kristi stitched this amazing steampunk western shirt. Crazy color and amazing flair!

Handmade Highlights – Cherry Blossom Ship WIP


Adoring this in-progress shot of the Cherry Blossom Ship design. I love the varied embroidery thread weight that Hal Calico used to make the ship really pop. It looks so sophisticated stitched all in cream.

Color Inspirations – Victorian Roses

Try this delicate and subdued Victorian Roses color scheme on your embroidery designs.

With September comes that touch of fall air, even if it’s hiding behind the residual warmth of summer. This week, the saturated and bright tones of summer take a back seat to the darker elegance of the coming fall. Take some inspiration from the delicate gardens of the victorian era with this subdued Victorian Roses color scheme. Dusty greens play harmoniously with rosy purples, soft pinks, and delicate peach. It can add an unexpected elegance to even dark designs. See how it compares to the original.

Which do you prefer?