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Spooky Sale – This weekend only!

Can’t wait to get crafting on all your Halloween stuff? Well you’re in luck, this weekend only we’ve got your favorite dark and spooky designs on sale for only a dollar.  Even better, hand embroidery is only 50 cents.

Go check out the sale page, and don’t forget to have a look at our Halloween tutorials roundup, and start planning what you’re going to enter into our costume contest.

Grab em quick, before this sale vanishes into the night!

Our First Alphabet & Release Sale

A fun new announcement today, on a kind of design series we’ve wanted to do for awhile…


That’s right ladies and gents, step right up (or you know, stay seated at your computer) and grab the first of what is sure to be many alphabets, the Cirque Alphabet.

As part of celebrating the release of this fun new type of design, the Cirque Alphabet will be on SALE for a limited time until Sept 25th. Click here to check it out!

Why the wait, you ask? Well, we wanted to make sure these designs were available to purchase as a pack for your stitching pleasure. No fun trying to buy all of them one at a time, right? Now that packs are here there’s nothing in the way of embroidered typographic bliss.

So, you might be wondering, how do you use these fabulous new stitches of lettering awesomeness? Ah ha, we had predicted just such a question (we’re clever that way), and lucky for you we’ve put together a slick little tutorial all on how to lay out and stitch your lettered designs with ease.

The first thing you should know up front is that these designs do not act like a “font” file that sometimes comes installed on some machines. You still treat them like any other design. Luckily, it’s super easy to lay them out and have them stitching in no time.

Create fabulous text-only designs, add names and words to others, or stitch big fun letters on pillows, towels and the like. It’s the first of many to come, and we hope you like them!

New Dark Fairytales Series

We’re very excited to introduce to you the brand new series (chosen by voters on our facebook page) …

Dark Fairytales!

Hearkening back to the twisted tales of old, these designs stay true to the original dark spirit of the classic stories. Simple black linework floats above scripted text from the original tales, with bold red accents throughout.

Light enough to stitch on most fabric, but bold enough to make a statement on anything, they’re the perfect addition to any fairytale enthusiast’s collection.

All the classics are here, from the dark schemings of Snow White…

...white as snow, red as blood, black as ebony wood...

To the cautionary tale of Little Red…

...a sweet little girl with a cloak of red velvet...

To the haunting beauty forever asleep. shall not be death, but a deep sleep of a hundred years...

Hanzel and Gretel

...oh, dear children, do come in, no harm shall happen to you...

…and the original version of Cinderella with a darker twist.

...the shoe it is too small for her, the true bride waits for you...

We’ve included the original little mermaid, (who was no Disney princess)… have the sweetest voice of anyone... you must give this voice to me...

to the ugly ducking wondering if he will ever find his grace. could it think of wishing to possess such loveliness as they had?

This is just a taste of the series. All these designs plus many more of your favorite stories and classic fairytale themes are included, and for a limited time, they’re all on Sale!

To celebrate their release, now through Sept 5, all fairytale machine embroidery and stock designs are available for $1.23 each, and all hand embroidery is half off! And remember, you can buy these designs as a pack at an even lower discount!

Check out all the new designs, and let your imagination wander to the dark side of enchantment…

New Kitchen Series + Sale!

Hope you’re hungry! We’ve got a fresh new batch of designs for you … and they’ll make your kitchen uniquely delicious. Even better? Through 7/24/11, they’re all on sale – just $1.29 for machine embroidery, and $0.50 for the hand embroidery patterns!

Get all your favorites plus many more yummy designs, on sale through July 24!

New Apothecary Series

We’re very excited to introduce you to our newest batch of designs, the Apothecary Series.

Trinkets and labels of wonder promising all kinds of miracle cures for every kind of ailment, all with an old world charm and just a hint of snark. As well as beautiful solid stitching designs perfect for your bathroom or kitchen (remember, you can stitch just the black for lighter fabrics!), we have a number of gorgeous in the hoop projects from handmade vintage tags to herbal sachets and drawstring bags.

Lucky you, these are on sale along with everything else in our store for half off through May 31, 2011! Find them all here.