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Haunted Soiree Sale – 6 Simple DIYs to Glam Up your Halloween

The leaves are changing and it’s that time of year. You feast on candy corn (wayy to much candy corn), pull out the pumpkins, stitch some costumes, and spook up the house. Well, spooky has never been so chic as the decor and projects you’ll create this season! Haunt your home with a hand-picked collection of embroidery designs on sale for $1.31 in the Haunted Soiree Sale — ravens and pumpkins, skulls and skeletons, frightfully festive greetings, and more. This fall will be a nonstop Halloween party with eerie, elegant embroidery on throw pillows, table linens, wall hangings, and lacy accents.

There are all kinds of fun ways you can use these spooky designs on sale…


Not finding the kind of spooky banner you’re looking for in the store? Make one yourself! You can use the Letter Perfect Alphabet collection in Halloween hues to craft any greeting you like! Stitch it on burlap for a chic rustic look.


Add some dark romance to your decor by stitching the Autumn Votive Wrap all in black. It will give a gothic touch to your lighting, and everything looks creepier by candlelight.


Don’t want to carve your pumpkins? Don’t! Get some elegant white ones (yeah, pumpkins totally come in white) or spray yours with some spray paint, and give it a touch of machine embroidered lace. Instant elegance, no carving required.


Pillows are an excellent way to haunt your home, and easy to change out with the season. Stitch up this rustically chic pillow with some fun orange fabric. Add a seasonal raven design and the date of Halloween in a spooky alphabet, and your home is instantly more seasonal.


Throwing a spooky dinner party? Dress up the linens for a quick touch that’s sure to impress. You can repeat these festive dancing skeletons along the bottom edge of a napkin for a quick-stitching but classy motif. Heck, maybe this one can live on past Halloween…


Want a quick pillow update that’s a little more fun? Make it a mummy! Just stitch on your favorite pair of spooky eyes from the Monster Factory collection, and then wrap a few scraps of white fabric across the front and stitch in place. It’s so easy and quick, you could spooky up your whole couch in an afternoon. Want a little more variety? The Monster Factory pack can create all kinds of fun ghouls and goblins.

The machine embroidery designs on this page are on sale for $1.31, with selected design packs 25% of, and there are SO MANY more designs on sale over on the Haunted Soiree Sale page. The sale ends Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014 at 11:59 p.m., Central time, so get shopping and pick out your favorite treats today!

Just a Friendly Reminder…




Go. NOW!

Yes, that really is a photo of our head digitizer. Why do you ask?

New Collection – The Seven Seas

We’re very excited to announce a brand new collection today… The Seven Seas.

Inspired by vintage tattoo designs, often influenced by Japanese culture, these light stitching designs offer a slightly more elegant look to the modern tattoo theme.

Open fills and running stitch keep these designs light while still letting them have a bold splash of color. Like real tattoos, they’ll take on a hint of the color behind them, gradually fading out in a beautiful ombre effect.

They’re fantastic for projects too, like this upcoming tutorial on how to make fiercely fashionable lace up socks, great for pairing with boots in the upcoming fall weather.

From elegant to edgy, these designs can suit guys and gals alike. Find some beauty in the old world styling of Japanese-inspired sailor tattoos, with deep blues of the seas and splashes of color in our popular painterly style.

You can grab the whole collection as a pack right here, and better yet, they’re on sale for a limited time!

Avast, ye sailors. There be monsters here.

Every Birthday Needs Presents!

Who cares if it’s our birthday… we think you deserve presents!

Not content with just doing a huge Storewide Sale (through 6/3/12), we thought the last week of the big birthday bash should be a whole week of giveaways! Yup, we’re giving away something each day, Monday through Friday. Four of something each day to be exact, since it’s our fourth birthday.

Each day four lucky people will be the winner of that day’s giveaway, and the prizes just get better as the week goes on. How do you enter? Well, it’s pretty simple. Each day, starting Monday, May 28, the giveaway will open at 10am Central time and close 12 hours later. That’s 10am to 10pm you have each day to enter each giveaway.

Except for Friday’s posting, which will be open ALL WEEKEND! See details below.

You can only enter once per giveaway, but you can participate in each day’s giveaway if you like. Winners are chosen randomly. That’s 5 chances to win something awesome! So, what can you win each day, and how do you enter?

Check out the goodies below…


Monday, May 28 – Spoonflower Gift Certificate


We really love playing around with new patterns and fabrics in our Spoonflower store, and we’re totally stoked that Spoonflower has agreed to sponsor Monday’s giveaway!

The Prize: Four lucky people will win a Spoonflower gift certificate good for one fat quarter of fabric plush shipping.

On Monday, May 28 at 10am, a blog post will go up marking the start of the Spoonflower giveaway. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the post naming your favorite fabric from our Spoonflower store, OR a happy birthday wish (Monday is our official birthday!) and you’ll be entered.


Tuesday, May 29 – Exclusive Printed Poster


We knew you always wondered, so on April 1 of this year we posted exclusive industry secrets about the truth behind how machine embroidery designs are made. Yes, our secret is out, try not to act too shocked.

You guys seemed to really dig this process, and as well as requesting Steampunk Bacon Cat as an actual design (which we totally did), and the Digomatic 2000 as an actual design (which we did too), there were numerous requests for this piece as a poster. Well, you’re in luck, gang…

The Prize: Four lucky people will win this exclusive 48 inch poster print of How Machine Embroidery Designs Are Made, complete with tiny sewing gremlins and their tiny tacos, all in gorgeous full color matte printed glory.

On Tuesday, May 29 at 10am, a blog post will go up marking the start of the poster giveaway. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on the post telling us what part of the machine embroidery process you think is the most important (gnomes? monkeys? diet coke and sprinkles? I bet it’s the tiny tacos…) and you’ll be entered. Better have a good space picked out on your wall, because this is one big poster, baby.


Wednesday, May 30 – Chompy Bunnies


I think it’s fair to say that Craft Bunny has a lot of fans around here, what with him generally showing up randomly in all manner of pictures and tutorials and generally chomping on things he shouldn’t. We’ve done a number of giveaways with other bunnies (he’s actually a Monty Python plush toy) and they’ve always been a huge hit. Who are we to deny the world more rabid bunnies?

The Prize: Four lucky people will win one crazy Craft Bunny cousin each! All the teeth and destruction you could hope for in a small fluffy package.

On Wednesday, May 30 at 10am, a blog post will go up marking the start of the bunny giveaway. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on the post telling us what YOUR bunny’s name would be, and you’re entered! Just remember, if you win, mind your fingers, and have a healthy supply of things to chomp on when you bunny arrives.


Thursday, May 31 – Swag Package


There’s just something irresistible about shiny buttons and stickers, isn’t there? They’re just so… shiny! Well, everyone needs a little more flair in their life, and awesome Urban Threads swag is the way to do it.

The Prize: Four lucky people will win a swag pack consisting of four UT buttons (one of each design), four stickers, and one awesome Urban Threads mug.

On Thursday, May 31 at 10am, a blog post will go up marking the start of the swag pack giveaway. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on the post telling us what your favorite design on the site is, and you’re entered! Take a gander through the whole collection, and pick a design or pack you think is a cut above the rest. The winners get to rock their Urban Threads style in button form, cover their machine in stickers, or show their devotion to alternative stitching even while enjoying a cuppa joe.


Friday, June 1 – $50 Urban Threads Gift Certificate


This ones the big one, folks, because we’re giving away FOUR of these babies and you have FOUR chances to win one, plus this giveaway is open ALL weekend long! That’s because we’re giving away one gift certificate in four different ways in four different places, and you can enter them all. Here’s where the action is happening…

1) We’ll post about the gift certificate giveaway on the blog at 10am; just comment on the posting to enter.

2) We’ll also post about the giveaway on Facebook at 10am; just comment to enter (you’ll need to be a fan of us on Facebook).

3) We’ll tweet about it on our Twitter account at 10am; just retweet and follow us to enter.

4) Finally, we’ll post a secret password in Friday’s newsletter as well as a giveaway email address. You’ll want to subscribe to our newsletter before Friday to get the password, then email in the secret password to enter!

You can do ALL of these things to give yourself four ways of winning! Friday’s giveaway is open from posting time on Friday to Sunday night, June 3 at 10pm Central time. You’ve got the whole weekend to give yourself lots of chances at $50 of UT goodies.


So, if you like presents I’d say you should definitely hang around Urban Threads next week, check out our Storewide Sale, and win some free stuff. It all starts next Monday, and you have a chance to enter and win something each day.

Have fun shopping until then, and see you back here next week for our big birthday bash giveaway!

Urban Threads 4th Birthday Bash Storewide Sale!

That’s right stitchers. It doesn’t come around very often, but when it does, it’s BIG!

We’re celebrating four happy years with a huge storewide sale! Yup, this upcoming May 28th, Urban Threads is officially 4 years old, and to celebrate, now until June 3rd, 2012 everything in our store is on sale. You get 50% off all individual designs, and 25% of all packs.

That won’t be the only excitement going on these next two weeks… Keep a close eye out here for all kinds of fun features and really sweet giveaways to celebrate 4 fun years of alternative embroidery and awesome customers.

So Threadsters, it’s time to pull up that wishlist and get shopping. Click the banner or check out the sale here!

New Clockwork Natura Series

We have a brand new special batch of designs launching today, the Clockwork Natura series.

A little bit steampunk, a little bit goth, and a lot of autumn make this appropriately dark for this season or any. The beautiful decay of autumn was the perfect backdrop for playing with the theme of time, industry, and the decline of nature. Dark natural themes are interwoven with steampunk gears and clockwork pieces, with just enough darkness to appeal to that inner goth you keep denying you have.

Beautiful copper metallics bring some brightness and shine to the otherwise dark colors. The series itself is perfect for apparel and clothing, with lots of long flowing shapes, borders and corners.

Even if you’re not all that “into” steampunk or gothic motifs, this series is darkly elegant for any occasion.

Softly wilting roses and intertwining leaves make it more a nature lover’s dream.

Still, where would we be without a little skull now and then?

This is just a taste of the series… want to see it all? Better yet, want to grab it all on sale? You can! Check out the sale page to grab each design individually, or of course as one awesome deal as a pack.

And if you’re wondering just what one might do with this series…

Oh just you wait and see… we have a special project in store for you!

Spooky Sale – This weekend only!

Can’t wait to get crafting on all your Halloween stuff? Well you’re in luck, this weekend only we’ve got your favorite dark and spooky designs on sale for only a dollar.  Even better, hand embroidery is only 50 cents.

Go check out the sale page, and don’t forget to have a look at our Halloween tutorials roundup, and start planning what you’re going to enter into our costume contest.

Grab em quick, before this sale vanishes into the night!