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Get The Look – Lucky Ombre Embroidery Tee

Replicate the look of this pretty spring ombre tee with just simple lace and fabric paint!

Spring is right around the corner (I hope I hope I hope… stupid Minnesota) and I’ve started feeling like my winter wardrobe is super drab. Greys were my color all winter long but now I’m dreaming of light tees in bright colors, like this super pretty ombre tee from Lucky Brand. I found it on pinterest, but after a quick search around the appears to sadly be only one in existence on amazon, at least when I typed this there was.

Never fret, this tee is actually super easy to replicate! I’ll show you how…


First what you need is a plain white tee and some white lace embroidery accents. This example uses these new lace neckline applique designs, but actually you can applique on any kind of freestanding lace or even use this technique with cutwork! The important part is whatever design you use, you stitch in white cotton, because that’s whats going to let us perfectly blend our lace in with our ombre.

You can either hand stitch the lace on like applique like we did in this tutorial, or stitch it directly on to the shirt. Either works!


Next, get some of that awesome soft fabric paint. You can find this stuff in most fabric and craft stores, and it comes in tons of colors. Make sure you get the soft fabric paint, this is the kind that will sink into your fabric like dye, instead of sit on top like a screenprint. Lightly spray the top of your tee and the lace, getting lighter in your application as you go down.


The paint will perfectly dye both your tee and your lace together, so the ombre will blend seamlessly. Easy!

Replicate the look of this pretty spring ombre tee with just simple lace and fabric paint!

From a plain white tee to a springy fashion statement, it’s easy to get the look of the original tee with simple supplies. Plus this way you can choose a t-shirt style that suits you, and pick whatever color for the ombre you like. As long as you use a cotton tee and white cotton thread for your lace, it will all blend and dye beautifully.

Happy spring!