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Will The Real Sinbonnet Sue Please Stand Up?


I’ve been saving this because it was too perfect not to post during our Halloween in July celebration/sale. Awesome Urban Threadster Chelsey dressed up perfectly as our very own Steampunk Sinbonnet Sue for the local awesome nerd convention Convergence this year (previously attended here). Seriously, the costume is dead on. How great is that?

Did we mention we have the best customers ever?

We do.

Thanks for sharing Chelsey! We ♥ you.

Giving Bunnies In Print


Remember the Giving Bunny Project? Well, not only have the bunnies spread across the world, but they’ve made it into print! Check out a great feature on the Bunnies in a special edition of Made In Felt from the same folks that bring you Mollie Makes. Grab it here or pick it up in your local craft store!

Wondering where else we’ve popped up lately? Check out our press page to see all the latest features.

Free Steampunk Mustache Wallpaper for March


We thought we would offer another FREE wallpaper design to celebrate March and our latest Steampunk Alphabet collection. This design was made by our talented artist Danielle! She helped design the Steampunk Alphabet and decided it was too much fun not to create a snarky poster out of it (and other crazy things like THIS).

So without further ado, we present the Urban Threads School of Mustaches free downloadable poster! Because knowing your steampunk mustaches from one another is an important life skill 😉

As a special treat, we have it available as a letter size poster print that you can print out and stick on your wall too! Click the image below to get that poster print.


click image to download!

Also available in the usual formats for your computer desktop, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, or Android phone, just click the buttons below to download and load onto your device. Don’t fret if you have a different kind of phone or device, one of these is sure to work :)


button_desktop(1920 by 1200 px)

button_iphone4(640 by 960 px)

button_iphone5(640 by 1130 px)

button_ipad(1024 by 1024 px)

button_android(480 by 640 px)

Loving that alphabet and all things Steampunk? Don’t forget they’re all ON sale now through Sunday, March 24 at 11:59 p.m., Central time.

Urban Threads & Mastering The Art Of Embroidery


We’re featured in a book!

Yup, it’s been a long while in the making, but I’m excited to finally be able to share with you the news that Urban Threads is featured in Sophie Long’s Mastering The Art of Embroidery. We’re so honored to be included, and especially to be part of digitized embroidery becoming recognized as a legitimate contributor to modern day embroidery techniques and artistry.

The book itself is a complete and wonderful library filled with stitch tutorials and inspirational examples of all kinds of embroidery techniques. A must have for a die hard embroidery enthusiast!

Thanks to Sophie for inviting us to contribute and for putting together such a wonderful book. Pick it up at Amazon or at many major bookstores.

Machine Embroidered Stop Motion Music Video

Spotted over on Colossal, this isn’t the first embroidery themed music video I’ve seen, but it’s the first to prominently feature machine embroidered stitches and thread. Check out all that amazing machine embroidered type! Makes you want to go dig into your machine’s stash of fonts and go crazy, doesn’t it? The song is Favorite Place by Black Books.


270 and counting!

We feel it’s important to let our customers know that we feel safety is a priority in the workplace, and we have had 270 successful robot-uprising-free days of work, despite that one instance of machine #4 talking back last week.

We hardly count that as an uprising. More just a gentle disregard for human authority.

270 and counting! Stay vigilant people.

Making ‘Make Do and Mend’ Fashionable

Designer Sarah Dickins is trying to do away with what she sees as a waste of clothes and bring back the ‘Make Do and Mend’ mentality with a sleek, easy to use new sewing machine. Designed to be beautiful and intuitive, Sarah hopes this will encourage a new audience to try sewing and mending their clothes.

As the designer explains, “By increasing the appeal and accessibility of sewing, Alto encourages users to ‘make do and mend,’ inspiring them to recycle, customize, and repair clothes which would otherwise end up in the bin.”

I have to say, with it’s beautiful curves, warm wood and gorgeous wrapped leather cover, it’s certainly a machine that wouldn’t get tucked away in my house. Read more about this contender for the 2012 James Dyson Award and see more pretty pics at ecouterre.

Who has their fingers crossed for a machine embroidery version?

thanks to Shannon for the tip!