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New Evenfall Lace Video – Machine Embroidery Is Magic

I’m so excited to be able to share a sneak peek of our upcoming Evenfall Lace series with you in this lookbook preview video. We’ve been working on this special lace series for a long time, and there are so many amazing things that can be done with it.

This special Evenfall Lace series will be available this Friday, and will fit ALL size hoops. We designed it to be totally customizable, dyeable, and flexible to your creativity. Machine embroidery really can be magical, with the right designs. Make some magic this fall with your embroidery machine.

For the full effect, be sure to click the little gear and choose 720 HP quality, or click here to view it in HD on you tube!

UT Tutorial – Lace Chandelier

Looking to glam up your next party? Nothing says classy like a chandelier. Especially one doused liberally in glitter.

Yup, you can stitch this! Just grab the freestanding lace design here, and then check out this tutorial on how to put it together and glam it up for your next occasion. You can skip the glitter if you choose, but I think having perpetually sparkly hands also adds to the class, don’t you? Darn skippy.

Little Princess

Adenine Modeling Tiara

This was too cute not to share. MissAdenine stitched up our Battenburg lace choker in pink and yellow, but turned it upside down and made it into a tiara instead! And got the perfect (very patient) little princess to model it.

I love it when customers (pardon the pun) turn an idea on its head! It does indeed make quite a charming little tiara.

UT Tutorial – Battenburg Lace Choker

Looking for something dark and romantic to top off this spooktacular week? We have just the thing…

Grab our new Battenburg lace choker! The new Battenburg lace style stitches up a softer and more delicate design that’s great for wearable pieces like chokers. We dressed it up with chains & charms to make it perfect for a gothic and glam night out.

Pair it with some of our other lace pieces, like this Day of the Dead Mask, and you have an elegant look for any dark occasion. It may not be Halloween yet, but that’s no reason not to look this awesome.

Get the design here, and then check out the full tutorial here!

UT Tutorial – Gilded Lace Mustache Necklace

Both darling and dapper at the same time… it’s the gilded mustache necklace! Classy in gold, because when my brain thinks of the classiest thing to add gold leaf to, it comes up with a mustache. Of course, brain. Nothing more ladylike and delicate than that.

Grab your lace mustache here, and the check the tutorial to find out how to make it shine as the worlds most dapper and darling necklace, always at the ready for a quick disguise.

Lace Portrait

This amazing lace portrait by artist Pierre Fouché was made over a period of four years using bobbin lace, a handmade form of lace made by twisting strands of thread together. Yeah. Wow.

via Colossal

The Delicate Stitches of the Disarranged Studio

Freestyle machine embroidery artist Lauren Evatt Finley proves just how magical a sewing machine can be with these amazing and delicate machine stitched pieces. She even makes lace!

Check out more embroidery wonders on her blog The Disarranged Studio.