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UT Tutorial – Plush Dragon Hot Pack


Looking for a cute way to warm up this winter? Well, when we posted this creative project by UT stitcher Tanja on facebook, everyone went nuts wanting a tutorial. Lucky for all of us, Tanja is awesome! She created an easy to follow tutorial on how to make and embroider your dragon, and even included a template for a fox version too!

Check it all out here.

UT Tutorial – Doodle Stitch Wall Hanging


Most of the time, designs are just as cute as they can be all on their own. Sometimes though, a design lets you add a little extra oomph to make it really magical. This little kitty design is super cute with him doodling away, but what do you suppose he’s drawing? Well that’s the fun of it… it’s all up to you.

Use freestyle machine stitching to continue this little kitty’s doodles into a totally custom wall hanging. Get the tutorial here!

Urban Entrepreneurs – Miss Delaney

Just because you’re a newcomer to the embroidery world doesn’t mean you can’t jump in head first! UT stitcher Rebekah, aka Miss Delaney, got her machine only four months ago, and has wasted no time in putting it to good use, and even starting an online Etsy store! She joins us today to share her unique kids’ creations and talk about how she got into the world of stitches…

What started you into embroidery?

I had been decorating ready-to-wear clothes using stencils and fabric paint. Then a friend of mine got an embroidery machine and I saw the cute things she was making with it.

I honestly thought that you had to buy cartridges with designs on them and had no idea that there were all these amazing designs online. Once I started looking into it I was hooked and knew I had to get an embroidery machine. I’ve had my machine for 4 months now and I’m officially addicted to it.

Where did you first find Urban Threads?

I found Urban Threads this summer when I was searching for some cool designs for my shop. I was struggling with whether or not to sell the same applique type designs that you see everywhere when that wasn’t really my style. I was desperately searching for something cool, something punk, and I really hit the jackpot with Urban Threads. I realized then that I could remain a niche store and not have to use designs just because they’re popular.

What made you take the plunge into starting your own business?

I left my job when we started a family 4 years ago and that really gave me more time to devote to my hobbies. I’ve always loved sewing, so when I was pregnant with my daughter I was making her baby leg warmers from knee high socks. Then it just made sense to start an Etsy store where I could make these and sell them and still stay at home with my kiddos.

It’s a truly amazing feeling when you can make a job out of something you love doing. I work all the time and it never feels like work.

Tell us a bit about your shop. What kind of stuff do you do?

I focus on selling baby and toddler clothes. Right now it’s leg warmers, leggings and tops (onesies, shirts and dresses). I try to find really cool and off the wall designs. I love the punk and geek themes and I want to fill my shop up with those types of designs.

What’s are some of the biggest lesson you’ve learned since you began?

I’ve learned that it’s okay to be a niche store. I don’t have to sell what everyone else is selling to get orders. I’ve learned to sell things that I personally love and realize that eventually someone somewhere will love them too.

Another thing is that I’ve learned to work all the time, even when I don’t have orders. I had a really slow start on Etsy. Then I put my store on vacation mode and killed my momentum and it took 6 months to recover. But I was working at my store every day. I was adding items, changing descriptions, taking new pictures and then when sales picked back up, I was ready for them.

Where would you like to see your shop in one year? Any fun stuff planned for the future?

In one year, I would like for my shop to be successful enough to keep me busy full time. I think both my kids will be in preschool and my whole goal is to have a full time job at home while still having a flexible schedule while the kids are in school. So I’d like to have my shop full of cool offbeat things that I love.

Hopefully one day I can learn digitizing and make my own designs. In the near future, I’m hoping to add pajama sets and maybe some minky blankets.

From newbie to etsy store owner in just a few short months, Miss Delaney is a fantastic example of what you can do when you find something you really love. Crafting for yourself is a great way to bring a unique spin on your store, you may just find that the things you love can find a new audience in your customers! I know it’s worked for me. 😉

Good luck, Rebekah, in all your adorable creations. When embroidery looks this cute, it’s hard to resist!

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Urban Entrepreneurs – Alert Wear

I’m always inspired when I see others turn their love of embroidery into something more. Sometimes it develops out of a love of a great hobby; sometimes it comes from somewhere completely unexpected. When I came across today’s Urban Entrepreneur, it was accompanied with the thought that I would have loved something like this as a kid, because like many kids all over the world, I had pretty bad food allergies when I was young.

You see, in the hands of Ann from Alert Wear, embroidery is not just decoration. It’s an important part of making sure information and medicide that allergy prone kids need is close at hand. Not only can embroidery convey allergy information or warnings to adults, it also serves the vitally important function of getting kids to willingly wear the very important but admittedly cumbersome holder for their meds. By giving what was once often hidden or dreadfully dull a bold new statement, kids can wear their packs with pride, and parents can know their life-saving meds are close at hand at all times.

Ann joins us today to talk about what started this amazing little company, and how embroidery fits in to what she does…

Explain how your store got started. What’s the story behind Alert Wear?

Like many businesses, I got my start by creating something my children needed. Both of my children have life threatening food allergies and asthma. When my daughter was little, I was petrified to take her anywhere or leave her in anyone’s care for fear that she might take food from someone. I searched for a product that would scream “I have food allergies DO NOT feed me.” When I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I started sewing. I wanted to create a smock with a huge medical alert symbol in the middle and “Do Not Feed Me – Food Allergies” around it.

My daughter, then a toddler, went with me to the embroiderers to drop off the smock. When I picked out the design, she let me know right away that she would not be wearing snakes. The idea to have kids design their own alert gear was born right there.

Our doctor advised us to have our kids’ meds with us at all times.  When my son started school, we dropped off the medications and assumed that they kept them with our son throughout the day.  On the last day of 1st grade for my son, I volunteered for field day.  We were a good two city blocks away from the nurse’s station and I asked the teacher where my son’s meds were.  They were back in the classroom and she saw no need for the meds to be with us since we were still on school grounds.  Anaphylaxis can kill quickly, so that was not acceptable to me.  That day, my son started wearing his medicine in a fanny pack. 

Everything was going well until 3rd grade when the kids started making fun of him for this big pack that hung on him.  It was then that I started making epi-pen cases that could be hidden under clothing, could hold 2 epi-pens and looked cool. The very first case I made was using a design from your site that my son picked out: Get Inked.  He still loves that design! 

How did you get into embroidery? Do you think it helps your product work better for your audience?

I have always loved personalized things but, had no clue how to embroider and did not have the money to invest in a fancy machine.  I had had numerous requests to make a smock like my daughter’s for others but, when I added what her smock cost with fabric, time and having a local professional embroider a design on it, no one would be willing to pay for it. 

So, I watched for a home embroidery machine on Craigslist and finally found a decent one for a great price.  It didn’t come with lessons or a manual and I didn’t have funds to invest in lessons so, I taught myself from online videos, just playing with the machine and lots of help from my friend Christy, from Chunky Monkey Diapers, who lives in another state. 

Embroidery is absolutely essential for my products because the designs and emergency information need to be very durable.  These items are expected to last a school year and yet are worn more consistently than any pair of tennis shoes or jeans.  And what kid *wants* to wear their medicine or smock? 

If they have a part in designing it, the fight to get them to wear these items is gone.  I have even gotten reports back from parents of kids sleeping with their medicine packs because they love what they created so much!

Where did you first find Urban Threads?

My good friend Christy tipped me off to your company a couple of years ago when I was looking for designs that would appeal to tweens. 

What kinds of folks are your customers? What makes what you offer unique?

My customers are mostly moms who have children with life-threatening food allergies like me.  I do get a few requests from parents of kids with other health issues as well.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since you began?

Oh I have learned many lessons!

Right now, I am learning to set office hours and better production time expectations.  I have been running myself ragged trying to fulfill orders and not spending as much time with my family.  I wouldn’t be doing this if it were not for them though.  I have also learned to include my family in the business as much as possible.  In addition, I have learned to really listen to my customers’ ideas.  Many of my of their ideas have ended up being some of my best sellers. 

Where would you like to see your shop in one year? Any fun stuff planned for the future?

I am really just trying to take it one day at a time right now.  Eventually, I would love to be able to employ others to help me.  And I do have a lot more product ideas I’d like to make.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and your amazing store with us, Ann. It just goes to show that embroidery as decoration doesn’t just mean it makes it pretty. It means it makes a essential item that otherwise may not be the most desirable to wear something fun and personal for kids. That might just mean the difference between having meds and not when the moment counts, and for me, that makes what you do really amazing. From one who had epi-pens as a kid in an ugly plastic case, kids of the next generation thank you! I wish all the best for this fantastic idea.

If you want to check out more or perhaps are interested in getting a case for your little one, check out Anne’s store, Alert Wear.

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Urban Entrepreneurs – 13 Days Embroidery

Welcome to another crafty edition of Urban Entrepreneurs!  Urban Entrepreneurs is where we feature sellers of any kind who have decided to take the plunge (with the help of some UT designs) and start their own small biz. We have an adorable new feature from 13 Days Embroidery today that will totally make you squee with joy.

Are you prepared for the cute overload?

13 Days Embroidery is the home biz of stay at home mum Kris, who discovered her love of embroidery after her little ones were born. Kris joins us today to talk a little bit about her growing business and how it all started…

                                                                                                                                      photos: Kimberly Card

What started you into embroidery?

When my daughter was born in 2007, I received a set of personalized, embroidered burp cloths from my sister.  That is how I discovered what machine embroidery was and that you could *gasp* get a home machine that could work this magic!  My friend and I bought one together and I just went with it, even though I had never sewn a thing in my life.

Several years later, my in-laws bought a commercial machine for use with their small advertising/promotional products business.  When I learned how to use it, I got stars in my eyes and the door of possibilities just opened up. 

Where did you first find Urban Threads?

I’m not exactly sure how I came across UT, it was probably a google search for goth-inspired embroidery designs.  But I do remember very clearly what a revelation it was.  I had quickly bored of the traditional monogramming and personalization type projects, and UT designs opened up a whole new world. 

They were like nothing I had ever seen on embroidery design sites.  The designs were modern and featured motifs and genres that were my style.  Behold, embroidery could be cool! 

What made you take the plunge into starting your own business?

I have been a stay at home mom since my oldest was born, and I have never liked any job that I have ever had.  There’s the saying “do what you love,” and I just didn’t know what I loved!  But I have always had an appreciation for art, yet no real artful ability, per se.  I discovered that this was my medium! 

I really enjoyed the rush of trying out something new, and it actually turning out good.  There is a creative art to embroidery … finding awesome images and interesting ways of displaying them.  And I really do love it! 

I had been personalizing and making gifts for my family and friends for several years, and have gotten a lot of great feedback.  Just this past summer, I decided to take some of the designs I liked the best, put them on sample items and create an etsy shop.   Sales have grown slowly but steadily since then.  It has been very exciting and fun for me!  The response has really pushed me forward and inspired me.  

Tell us a bit about your shop. What kind of stuff do you do?

My etsy shop right now is comprised mainly of items for babies.  My two little ones are my main inspiration, so it follows that when I see a cool design, I think, how would that look on a baby bodysuit or child’s shirt?  (Also, the little bodysuits are more readily available to me than anything else.)   But honestly, the designs I have used on baby items just seem to beg for it! 

As soon as I saw that spork image, I knew exactly what I would do with it!  To me, it is a no brainer.  I look for designs that I would buy on clothing for my own kids, and hope someone else would as well.  For most items, I also offer to personalize with a child’s name and many moms like that.  And I totally get it.  Mommies love to see their sweet angel’s name on things. 

Around the same time that I started my etsy shop, I started selling baby/child items in two different children’s consignment boutiques in my area.  I also do personalization on bags/purses, various designs on adult shirts, and have just started doing some commercial orders as well.  So my embroidery work is all over the board. 

A recent fun project was putting the Girl Power breast cancer ribbon UT image on some running shirts for some awesome ladies running in a breast cancer half marathon.  I love to be a part of things like that! 


I hear you have a good story behind your store name. Tell us a bit about it.

My husband and I were born 13 days apart in the same year, same hospital.  It just seems so serendipitous, that we both decided that if either one of us started a business, we would use the name.  I beat him to the punch! 🙂

What kind of customer do you cater to?

I think for now my target customers are moms from my generation that want to express an offbeat and modern type of style when dressing their child.  Because, let’s face it … until your child reaches a certain age, what they wear is an expression of your own personal style. I have found a bit of a niche with mommies of little boys, because there is a gap in availability of cute boutique type items for boys versus girls.  Considering my youngest is a boy, I am drawn to many boyish designs, and have received quite a response to them. 

But it’s hard to pick a specific market because one of the things I like best about embroidery is the completely customizable nature of it.  The ability to create something for virtually anyone!  I enjoy all the projects that fall in to my lap. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since you began?

There have been so many!  Keeping an eye on the machine is a big thing.  Making sure the design fits your hoop!  (which is a huge issue for me, considering the commercial machine does not have standard hoop sizes)  Picking images that are appropriate for the item you are using them on is a biggie as well. 

I have learned that delicate, simple images with a low stitch count are usually going to work best on baby clothing.  You don’t want images getting too stiff, instead you want them to move with the wearer.    I have also learned to accept challenging custom orders, because it will always be a learning experience. 

Where would you like to see your shop in one year? Any fun stuff planned for the future?

I would love to add more different types of items to my etsy shop for kids and adults.  My UT design collection is quite large and I have many ideas for them!  As of late, I am really into discovering and trying out “in the hoop” designs (the mustache photo props were so much fun!), so I would love to do more things like that.   Also, I plan to do several craft fairs in my area in the coming spring/summer months. 

I would love to learn how to use the digitizing software that came along with the commercial machine too, but that is further down the road.  Who knows where that could take me!  I honestly can’t wait to show myself what I can do. I just need more hours in the day to create and plan my world domination via embroidery.  But for now, etsy, boutique consignment shops, and a few craft fairs will do.

The ultimate goal is to create a career for myself – to “do what I love” and make a real income at it.  That’s the dream, right?! 

I think Kris has truly captured a magically playful side with her embroidery, and her models are just too cute! It shows you that embroidery can still be totally adorable yet modern. Who wouldn’t want a spork bib for their little one? I think it beats plain ol’ teddy bears any day.

Want to grab some goods for your kiddo? Check out her etsy shop for more fun!


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Tutorial – Embroider Your Little Ones Artwork

What a cute idea is this?

Little Birdie Secrets shows us how to treasure your little ones creations in thread! Get the scoop over on her post.

UT Tutorial – Dragon Hoodie

Let your little one take flight with this upgraded dragon hoodie! Transform any old hoodie into something magical, complete with wings, dragon, and squishy spikes. Get the full step by step tutorial here!

P.S.- Works with grown ups too. We’re not judging.