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The embroidered graffiti of Sarah Greaves

Seriously, this gal has figured out how to embroider on everything…

These images are part of the great slideshow over on the BBC, but you can view more of Sarah’s amazing embroidered graffiti on her website. And maybe buy me one of those doors.

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Embroidered Jewelry

There’s really no limit to what you can embroider. You just sometimes have to get extra creative as to the means.

Embroidered bracelet by Corina Reitveld

Anyone have a very delicate hole punch?

*UPDATE* The awesome Talima has pointed out they they sell these “blank” metal cuffs for embroidery here. Thanks for the tip!

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Embroidered Wine Stains

Usually, if I get wine on my embroidery, it’s a sign I seriously need to stop and go to bed. If you’re artist Amelia Harnas, it’s all part of the piece.

Go check out some of the amazing and delicate portraits she’s created using wine stains and embroidery over on Colossal.

The Inspiring Embroidery of Alexander McQueen

Growing up, I had never been one for fashion. I was either the punky chick, the goth-y chick, or the weird girl who drew her own t-shirts and bleached designs into her jeans. I paid very little to conventional fashion because I thought it had nothing to do with me.
Through school and now through Urban Threads, I have become more and more fascinated with design of all types. Truth be told, I always loved designing clothes and costumes, but I never really paid attention to fashion.

Sadly, it was the news of the death of a talented designer that first drew me into his work, and ever since I found Alexander McQueen, I have been head over heels smitten. His work made me look at runway design as an art, like wearable canvases, and has inspired a new love of fashion.

Being in the industry that I am, I cannot ignore the absolutely stunning use of embroidery he incorporated into so many of his designs. It is lush, modern, decadent and antique all at once. His use of embroidery on his work  has inspired me to think beyond what one usually adds embroidery to, and how. (It has in fact, somewhat inspired an upcoming project of mine…)

These are just a few of the amazing examples of the embroidery of Alexander McQueen. I hope you’re blown away as I am.

I’m only sad I found his work after his heartbreaking suicide, but the designs he produced in fashion is enough for a lifetime of inspiration. If you want to see more of his work, the Met currently has an amazing collection of his work called Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.

If you’re like me and not lucky enough to likley see it in person, the website still has a beautiful online collection I highly recommend you look through.

Embroidered Lampshade

I’m loving this adorable silhouette lampshade in the new Fall issue from Sweet Paul.

I’m especially loving that the magazine comes in a free online edition! It’s mostly filled with yummy fall foods to tempt the soul, but there are some super cute DIY ideas in there too. And it’s free! Who can say no to free.


Thread Art

Many thanks to Joetta Maue for introducing me to the amazing thread and pin art of Debbie Smyth.

You can see more on the original post or go look at Debbie’s stuff directly  here.


Painted Thread Spools

Categorize this as things I didn’t know I should never throw away (that is, if all thread were awesome enough to be on wooden spools)…

If you’re unlucky like me to pretty much have all plastic thread spools, especially ones completely devoid of charming illustrations , then lucky enough for you there’s Amy Blackwell. She paints and sells these adorable additions to anyone’s craft room, and has given me serious inspiration if I ever DO get a spool that isn’t a wad of plastic.