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Medieval Lols

Your Monday morning guffaw. Leo the Medieval Lolcat, by TheStitchEmporium. You’re welcome. Also, I’m thinking this could soo easily be an awesome series.

“I can hazeth noms?”

hat tip to Craftgossip

Stitchalicious’ Secret

luckily she's a sound sleeper

Graffiti Stitcher

Ever wonder how stitcher extraordinaire Stitchalicious gets her amazing embroidery done? Well her secret is out… it’s an army of tiny graffiti stitchers!

More photos of this awesome little collaboration she made photographer Matti Hillig and a bunch of delinquent playmobil figures are all up on her website.

I wonder if these guys are for hire…


Skyrim Inspired Stitches

You’d have to be a real gaming nerd to get this one, but if you are, you’ll laugh heartily. Skyrim inspired stitches from Embroidery Emporium.

Nothing like taking a needle to the thumb to end your illustrious embroidery career.

ppst… want in on the joke? Here’s a funny little vid that might help.

Nyan Cat!

Nyan Cat Wrist Rest

Inspired by our keyboard cat wrist rest tutorial, Flickr user Robot Hero out-memed me with this amazing Nyan Cat wrist rest.


Hand stitch and hand embroidered. Do you see that tiny little beading detail on the cat?

I’m in love.

Bragging Rights

This absolutely cracked me up. Totally handmade stitching from FingerPricks.

The best part?

Yeah, it’s totally for sale. Hang that pretty on your wall and smile with all the snarky irony you can muster, then proudly show it off to house guests. I’m guessing they won’t know if it’s funny because it’s true, or because it isn’t.

Fig A. – Adding your Arc Reactor to the Bobbinator…

Wouldn’t this just make explaining all those technical steps in threading your machine so much more informative? I’m thinking my tutorials would improve by three measures of awesome.

Many thanks to Craft Gossip for pointing out this awesome little diagram that Gertie’s New Blog For Better Sewing featured. From there you can get links to the original from Regretsy, including the extra hilarious but un-postable R rated version.

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to think my flux capacitor doesn’t always play nice with the Horn of Gondor…