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UT Tutorial – Doodle Stitch Wall Hanging


Most of the time, designs are just as cute as they can be all on their own. Sometimes though, a design lets you add a little extra oomph to make it really magical. This little kitty design is super cute with him doodling away, but what do you suppose he’s drawing? Well that’s the fun of it… it’s all up to you.

Use freestyle machine stitching to continue this little kitty’s doodles into a totally custom wall hanging. Get the tutorial here!

UT Tutorial – DIY Charmed Tee

You’ve probably seen those cool printed faux necklace tees before. You know the cute ones that look like you have a whole bunch of  bling around your neck? I usually pass them by because they’re too expensive or they’re just not…quite what I’m looking for.

Well, we always know a custom DIY tee is always better! With today’s tutorial and a special charms pack, I’ll show you how to turn a plain tee into a charmed masterpiece with just a little bit of embroidery.

The best part about the Vintage Charms pack is that it gives you a huge impact even with a small hoop. These little charms are only about 2 inches high at the largest, and they stitch in a flash on all kinds of fabrics, even light drape fabrics like your favorite summer tee.

How do you connect your charms onto pretty stitched chains? Easy! It’s just a bit of freestyle machine magic.

Get the tutorial on how to make your charmed tee here.

The Delicate Stitches of the Disarranged Studio

Freestyle machine embroidery artist Lauren Evatt Finley proves just how magical a sewing machine can be with these amazing and delicate machine stitched pieces. She even makes lace!

Check out more embroidery wonders on her blog The Disarranged Studio.

Tutorial -Thread Sketches

Love the look of machine embroidery, but don’t have a machine?

Running With Scissors has a fabulous tutorial on how to make these classy thread sketch pieces from scratch, without an embroidery machine. The tutorial includes instructions on everything from transferring an image, tea dying, making the frames, and even a fantastic video showing her free hand thread sketch technique. When you’re done you’ve got three gorgeous pieces of art to hang on your wall.

Check out her post to see how it’s done.

The Floating Threads of Amanda McCavour

The beautiful floating embroidery of artist Amanda McCavour is just captivating. Much like we make freestanding lace, she stitches her designs on a water soluble fabric, so when it’s finished it leaves behind just the overlapping, raw threads.

I love the look of delicate decay all her pieces have. The floating effect just makes them ghostly. Gorgeous!

Check out her website so see more stunning images of her work.

hat tip to Craft

Thread Art of klt:works

Embroidery no longer lives only in thread! Check out these amazing leterpress and screenprinted designs of original thread drawings from klt:works.

She creates all her designs using freemotion machine embroidery, then uses the art to create all kinds of printed wonders for their etsy store.

Want to know more about that embroidery technique? Me too. Lucky for us she made a video of the process.

thanks to Poppytalk for sharing this great work