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Embroidered Furniture by Yaroslav Galant

I just love how today’s designers are using traditional embroidery techniques in totally non-traditional ways. Like say, embroidered Corian furniture from Yaroslav Galant.

In the top photo you might be forgiven for thinking the design is printed on the furniture, given that Corian is a hard molded surface, but you can see in the second photo the embroidery designs were actually applied through holes added to the hard material. The intricate designs themselves were made to celebrate traditional Ukrainian embroidery.

See more about the project over on freshhome.

The Optical Embroidery Of Evelin Kasikov


Embroidery artist Evelin Kasikov’s work  has to be seen to be believed. She creates amazing stitched work focusing on the optical use of CMYK colors in order to create form. Instead of the usual printed dots, Kasikov creates her designs will precisely placed stitches of color. Her amazing portrait series (last above) has been making the rounds of late, but I really think her whole embroidery portfolio is worth a look.

Check it all out on her website.

via Colossal

Grunge Graffiti X-Stitch Robots




Graffiti and cross stitch artist Eliot Henning has been hard at work lately stitching up this awesome series of cross stitched robots. I so love the visual offset of the grunge paint and the clean x’s of the embroidery. Plus… robots!

Nothing not to love here.

See 8 of the 10 completed robots over on his flickr page, or check out more of Eliot’s amazing graffiti and comic inspired embroidery on his webpage.

Stitchalicious’ Secret

luckily she's a sound sleeper

Graffiti Stitcher

Ever wonder how stitcher extraordinaire Stitchalicious gets her amazing embroidery done? Well her secret is out… it’s an army of tiny graffiti stitchers!

More photos of this awesome little collaboration she made photographer Matti Hillig and a bunch of delinquent playmobil figures are all up on her website.

I wonder if these guys are for hire…


DIY cross-stitch handbag

Genius idea from the Fossil blog, as the new perforated Mason bags make the perfect canvas for creating cross-stitch designs. Get the DIY.

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Bragging Rights

This absolutely cracked me up. Totally handmade stitching from FingerPricks.

The best part?

Yeah, it’s totally for sale. Hang that pretty on your wall and smile with all the snarky irony you can muster, then proudly show it off to house guests. I’m guessing they won’t know if it’s funny because it’s true, or because it isn’t.

Cross Stitched Skillet

If you were a follower of the old, old blog (you know, the one that no one read) you might have already seen the work of Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene when it popped up in our flickr group. Severija is a fabulous textile artist who specializes in cross stitching on the previously un-stitchable, most notably metal objects like skillets (as above), pans, irons and even cars.

Well Colossal was nice enough to point out there’s a fabulous interview with her today over on Don’t Panic. Check out some behind the scenes and more images over on the post.

C’mon, you really really want to know what it’s like to embroider a car.