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DIY Cross Stitch Everything

I might becoming a little paranoid about this after too much internet lurking, but I swear little embroidery gnomes are going all around the design world and punching little holes in things to embroider everything. Seriously, after featuring this embroidered cuff last year, I’ve been seeing cross stitch-able items all over the darn place…

Stitch light from LampGustaf

Embroiderable iphone case from Connect Design

Embroiderable pendants from Panduro Hobby

Embroidered furniture from Gan Rugs

DIY cross stitch cup from Industreal

Embroidery artists have long been drilling holes into things to embroider the previously un-stitchable, like this example or this one, but now companies are just saying “the heck with it” and drilling holes in their own darn stuff. No home decor or accessory item is safe. Anyone else spotted those wayward gnomes drilling into something else I missed?

A Tale of Subversive Stitchers Documentary

I’ve you’ve got 20 minutes in your day, you should take the time to watch this insightful mini documentary about needlework and it’s potential for social and personal impact. It follows both Fine Cell Work, a group of prisoners who have taken up needle work while incarcerated, and the Craftivist Collective, a small but growing movement using simple craft to make a statement. It’s amazing how something like a basic craft can mean so much to different people.

Click the image to go to the video or see it over on the Stitched Stories website.

You Are More Beautiful



I just love this piece. It makes my eyes hurt and my heart dance.

This piece was stitched up by Mel of Thrifted, all 11,399 cross stitches (Wow!)

She made the pattern herself using a computer program and then painstakingly stitched it out by hand. Read more about her process and see more photos over on her blog!

Giant Rustic Cross Stitch

Raumseelig had this old board laying around for ages, until she finally discovered what it really wanted to be was the coolest cross stitch canvas ever. See more on her German blog Raumseeling, which you can get google to translate or just ogle the pictures.

Someone find me an old door and a drill stat.

via pinterest

Flickr Roundup

Wow! It’s crazy hot and humid here in Minnesota today. It’s time for a jump in the UT flickr pool!

I am totally amazed at this screen door embroidery! BunnySlippers73 chose the Cthulhu Crest to put on her door and it turned out incredibly beautiful.


Alert Wear stitched this adorable kid apron with the Mr. Nomster applique. All caregivers heed the food allergy warning!


This lucky girl is sporting an awesome dress embroidered with some delicate Parisian Butterflies! Klix Creations did a masterful job with the stitching, and also at capturing the joy of childhood in this awesome photo!


I am digging this purple Swallow Skeleton hoodie by Fabulously Fierce. The placement of these mirrored swallows is perfect.


Trillias transformed this corduroy jumper with some super cute teacup applique. Now I want to see this garment in action at a real tea party!


EadaoinFlynn crafted this awesome Stud Muffin framed wall hanging for her sister. A stud muffin and a hot cuppa tea are a great addition to any day.


Yay! and liddle lamzy divy created this amazing pillow that layers the Wonderland designs, with the Vintage Key with Ribbon, Fancy Teapot, and our Teacup Stack. She nailed the thread colors and did a great job with placing each design. The backside of the pillow is Wonderland fabric from our very own spoonflower store!

Stunning work by everyone! I feel refreshed and renewed and ready to get back to work. I hope everyone stays cool and crafty in the summer heat! Check out the UT flickr pool regularly for more inspiring projects and be sure to upload and share some of your own.

Do you want to see your stuff featured in a roundup? Upload it to our flickr pool or e-mail it to, and you could see your stuff on StitchPunk.

DIY Cross-Stitch Cookies

Looking for something stitchy and sweet, without pulling out the needle and thread? These Cross-Stitch Cookies from Design*Sponge are just the ticket, and look super easy to make. What an amazing little touch these would make at a craft event! Hmm, I’ll have to add it to the list of things to have at our big Urban Threads Craftathon Dance Party event that currently only exists in my head. Someday…

Check out the tutorial on how to make these sweet crafty treats here!

DIY Cross Stitch Stool

Want a super cute way of incorporating stitches into decor other than pillows? We just saw some awesome designer embroidered furniture, but now there’s a DIY way!

This little street has a sweet little tutorial on how to hack an ikea stool and add a little cross stitch embroidery. Check it out here.

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