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2014 Costume Contest Finalists

UPDATE: Voting has closed! Congrats to winner Angemessen!

The night has passed, and what a night it was! Right up ’til the last moment I’m sure some machines were a-whirring, but the entries are in, and we have our top 10 finalists. As usual, we got SO many amazing entries this year it was hard to choose just ten, and it seems like every year people are going bigger and better than before. So, luckily, choosing the final winner isn’t on us… it’s on you! You have ’til Monday, Nov. 10 at noon Central time to vote on your favorite. Please just vote only once, and choose carefully! There’a lot of talent in this lineup…

Take a look at these 10 finalists below, and then cast your vote at the bottom of the post. And congrats to the top 10 finalists!

La Belle et La Bete by Wendy - One of the amazing 10 finalists in Urban Threads 2014 embroidered costume contest

1) This La Belle et la Bete gown is by Wendy (that’s French for Beauty and the Beast). I love how she stitched all the different designs in one color to pull them all together.

Little Broken Doll by Fondie - One of the amazing 10 finalists in Urban Threads 2014 embroidered costume contest

2) This Little Broken Doll costume is by Fondie. It’s got a great use of embroidery all around the costume, and is even topped off by a UT lace top hat! Cute and a little bit creepy all at once.

Cersei Lannister by Nancy - One of the amazing 10 finalists in Urban Threads 2014 embroidered costume contest

3) This Cersei Lannister costume is by Nancy, replicating her famous red gown in the series Game of Thrones. She’s got the evil attitude to match!

Frida Kahlo by Christina- One of the amazing 10 finalists in Urban Threads 2014 embroidered costume contest

4) This adorable little Frida Kahlo was stitched up by Cristina in Mexico. So colorful and fun, and just perfect with those little eyebrows. I love the hair too!

Sim Sin'karaleth by Angemessen- One of the amazing 10 finalists in Urban Threads 2014 embroidered costume contest

5) This stunning piece is Sim Sin’karaleth (or the Hedgehog) by Angemessen. It was made as a LARP costume for ConQuest of Mythodea, and it was showcased to stunning effect. Embroidery was combined with beading on the bodice to give it that royal, metallic edge.

Demon Couple by Pennie - One of the amazing 10 finalists in Urban Threads 2014 embroidered costume contest

6) This demon couple is by Pennie. She stitched all kinds of wicked designs on their costumes but used a coordinating color theme to pull it all together. I’m seriously loving those horns too!

The ninjabread men by Tam - One of the amazing 10 finalists in Urban Threads 2014 embroidered costume contest

7) These Ninjabread Men are Ben, Drew, and Jack and it was all stitched up by Tam. It’s a great example of taking a single idea from a UT design (like the ninjabread man) and making a whole costume out of it! Heck, even the dog got a costume.

Emerald Butterfly Dress by Liddy - One of the amazing 10 finalists in Urban Threads 2014 embroidered costume contest

8) This Butterfly Gown is by Liddy. She stitched up a couple of different gowns, but this one really drew our eye, on everything from the gorgeous embroidery down the front to the clever use of the lace butterflies on her shoes and crown. Man, I really wish we would get an invite to all these amazing balls she keeps going to!

Steampunk Cat by Jessamy - One of the amazing 10 finalists in Urban Threads 2014 embroidered costume contest

9) In another great example of using a UT design as inspiration we have this Steampunk Cat by Jessamy. What do you get when you combine steampunk and cats? This of course. A cute kitten on the front and lots of stitched gears all around. The furry kitten mittens and ears go great with the steampunk goggles. What a creative way to pull ideas together!

Venetian Carnivale by Mariah - One of the amazing 10 finalists in Urban Threads 2014 embroidered costume contest

10) This Venetian Carnivale dress is by Mariah, who actually went to Venice to try it out! It’s got a gorgeous use of embroidery on the front, and even a little touch of lace in the hat. So elegant.

So, these are your 10 finalists. Vote below for your favorite only once, and we’ll announce the winner of the $50 Urban Threads gift certificate next week!

UPDATE: Voting has closed! Congrats to winner Angemessen!

And the Winners Are…

Thanks to all of you who joined the party and crafted your own highly official Urban Threads shirts!


A little sample of some of the awesome entries. See all of them in the slideshow below!

Seeing all your creative takes on the U-Tee was pretty much the best 6th birthday present ever. Congratulations to Dar, Kara, Katherine, Rita, Vanessa, and Wanda, randomly selected winners of a $30 Urban Threads gift certificate each. Winners, you’ve been emailed. Check out all the entries in the slideshow below (or see them here) … and remember, should you ever find yourself in need of an Urban Threads tee, grab a free skull-and-cross-needles design and go to town!

Make Your Own Official Urban Threads Tee and WIN!

UPDATE: Winners have been announced!

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size!

A lot of you have been asking about official Urban Threads swag for awhile now. Buttons, stickers, even tees. Well in honor of Urban Threads’ 6th birthday (!), we’ve come up with a distinctly Urban Threads way to let you get your hands on an official Urban Threads tee. Not only that, but you can use your awesome new tee to enter for a chance to win one of 6 gift certificates. How is this all possible? DIY it! That’s right, you can have your own official tee. The only catch is you gotta make it yourself.

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size!

With this awesome new free embroidery design, you can make a Urban Threads tee just like the one above, no matter your embroidery machine’s hoop size! Want to know how to make your tee? Check out this easy step-by-step tutorial. So what about this whole WINNING thing? Well, to enter, grab the new design, embroider it onto a shirt, and dress it up as you please. Then email with either a photo of your shirt (bonus points if you’re in it!) or a link to your photo in the Urban Embroidery flickr pool.  Enter as many shirts as you like, but you can only win once. At the end of the month, 6 lucky winners will be selected at random to win a $30 gift certificate each! You know what’s extra fun about this “official” shirt? Well, that’s there’s no real “official” way to do it! As long as you have the name and logo stitched somewhere on your shirt, your own crazy touches make it as officially Urban Threads as anything else. Because really, Urban Threads’ hallmark is not a logo, but your creativity! Sure, we loved playing with the “splat” motif that often accompanies our logo, but as you can see, the Urban Threads team went all over the place in how they decorated theirs.

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

Bonnie is our newest digitizer, and adorably quirky. She has a thing for big shiny eyeballs, so she added her own unique stamp to her tee with felt, along with a little felt “splat.” Don’t be afraid to add your own unique touches. Bonnie’s certainly not!

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

Caitlin opted for a lighter tank top for the warmer months ahead. She also tried playing with applique, and added sparkly fabric underneath her logo!

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

UT artist Dani decided on some unusual placement for her design, putting it instead at the bottom front of her tee. If you look a little closer, you can also see she did a cool double layering effect with the logo, stitching it just offset in a slightly different color.

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

Danielle too kept her tee simple, but gave it a fashionable touch with a side stitched logo. It’s a nice placement idea if you want your logo tee to be a bit more subtle. She also used the small logo as a front tee accent. Simple but chic!

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

UT marketing wizard and ringmaster Karline decided to put her main design on the back of a hoodie instead of the front, and also accented the front with the logo.

Make your own official Urban Threads tee, no matter what your hoop size! See all the different styles the UT team made with theirs.

Taylor kept this simple, with a jaunty offset logo and type, but accented his shirt with a stitched “splat” design.

Make your own UT shirt with a free design and WIN. Contest now through the end of May 2014.

There’s no wrong way to do it. Just make sure “Urban Threads” is stitched legibly, and your shirt/hoodie/tank/jacket  includes the name and logo. You can add bleach, paint, stitches, your own favorite Urban Threads designs… anything! Make your official tee as stylin’ as you want it, and send us a picture of it for your chance to win. Go grab your FREE design right here, check out this tutorial for how to make it, and then send us your picture at before 11:59 p.m. Central time on Saturday, May 31 for your chance to win one of SIX $30 gift certificates.  Get stitching!

2013 Costume Contest Finalists

Well, the leaves have fallen and once again Halloween has come and gone, but boy oh boy, you guys did not disappoint this year! We’ve been hosting Urban Threads’ annual Halloween costume contest for three years now, and we are always so blown away by the level of creativity shown by everyone. You guys really know how to go all out!

After much fussing and back and forth in the office, the UT team has picked our top 10 favorite costumes. Now it’s up to YOU to vote on your favorite and choose the lucky stitcher worthy of the $50 gift certificate. Of course EVERYONE did an amazing job, but the voting must go on. So, have a glance through this year’s top ten, and then vote for your favorite costume at the bottom of the post!


There’s this amazing Steampunk Alchemist gown from Wendy! She used lots of apothecary designs as well as a mix of the Anatomy design pack on the dress. She even stitched her own steampunk parasol. Elegant and dark and perfect for the season.


This costume was a creative twist on one little girl’s amazing idea, which went down a bit like this, according to mom Rachel:

“Mama,” she said “I want to be awesome for Halloween!” “Yes, baby, it will be. What do you want to be?” I asked again. “Awesome!” she said again. “Yes dear, I heard you. What would you like to dress up as? Can you tell me what it looks like?” “It’s looks awesome! You can do that, right, mama?” 

That’s right, this little one went as AWESOME for Halloween. And her mom really did her proud. The Because I’m Awesome design was just too perfect.


This little fairy is adorable! The costume beautifully utilizes the Elven Court series all over the costume with a bright and cheerful pink. Krista even stitched large versions of the wings and made them freestanding! A super creative use of all the designs, and it seems to make for one happy little fairy.


In a fun twist, this costume also utilizes the Elven Court series, but it’s a fantastic example of how different a series can look depending on color and usage! This Green Witch costume from Beth uses the same designs but in a beautiful natural color scheme, plus a creative use of the lace witch hat. A fun reinvention of the classic witch for Halloween.


Liddy from Holland went all out this year, making a bunch of amazing dresses. However, nothing quite captured our attention like this Gothic Halloween Gown. It utilized so many of our favorite gothic designs, including many from the new Gothic Gala series, but also including a great appearance by the Gothic Glam skull, the Clockwork Natura Bird Skull and even the Evenfall choker. I bet she looked amazing at the Halloween Ball she attended it in.


Lace, lace and more lace! This amazing Poison Ivy costume from Laura shows just what you can do with a single lace design and a lot of determination. She stitched the Lively Leaf lace design over and over in different greens to create this leafy dress. She then added the Floral Fascinator as an extra flourish. She makes a really excellent Poison Ivy.


How could we not include this adorable Little Red Riding Hood costume, complete with the “Big Bad Wolf” dressed up as grandma? Mariah and Krusher are back again, using simple and sweet flower accents, and of course the Little Red Riding Hood design. I have to say, Krusher’s little grandma bonnet is just killing me.


Deanna stitched this Odin costume for her husband — featuring Elder Futhark runes and many other Nordic designs. That is one Viking I wouldn’t mess with! What a great cloak, don’t you think?


This Wolf Mage costume by ayneSt is truly epic! Fuzzy and fierce, it features some Nordic Wolves and of course a dimensional Dark Wolf stitched on the back of the cloak. Plus it looks nice and cozy for roaming around those dark, chilly nights.


Finally, showing another great use of the new Gothic Gala designs, Tiffanie stitched up this glam Dark Little Miss Muffet costume. Showcasing the spider as a centerpiece, she also added some elegant spiderweb draped designs from the same series, and a little spider hiding at the back! A dark twist on a traditional favorite… just our style!

Wow! It was really so hard choosing just ten. I mean take a look at the whole gallery of this year’s costumes! Everyone did an amazing job as usual this year, and you guys continue to make Halloween one of our favorite holidays. Are you ready to vote? Use the poll below (if you don’t see it, try reloading your page or disabling pop-up blockers!) and vote JUST ONCE for your favorite. Voting is open now until Sunday, Nov 10 at 11:59 p.m.! The results will be posted after the weekend.


Good luck to the final contestants, and congrats to everyone! I hope you all had a happy and crafty Halloween.

*CONTEST IS CLOSED! – Congrats to Rachel for that AWESOME costume!*

Urban Threads Costume Contest 2013

The embroidery machines are a-whirrin’, and a chill is in the air. October is here, and it’s time for one of our favorite contests…

The Urban Threads annual Costume Contest!


The contest starts Tuesday, Oct. 1, and ends Nov. 1, 2013, at 11:59 p.m. Central time. Your costume can be from any time (meaning it doesn’t have to be a Halloween costume), but cannot already have been entered in a previous year’s contest.

How do you enter? Just take a photo of your awesome costume that features at least one Urban Threads embroidery design (hand or machine). Costumes may be for people or pets! You can then either email your photo to, or upload it to the Urban Embroidery flickr group with the tag utcostume2013. Remember to get your photo entered before the witching hour on the day after Halloween!

We’ll choose our 10 favorites as finalists, and post those 10 to be voted on BY YOU the week after Halloween. UT stitchers will vote to see which lucky costumer wins…

A $50 Urban Threads gift certificate!


Looking to get inspired? Check out the amazing entries from last year.

Good luck and happy stitching! Last year was amazing, and I cannot wait to see what you cook up this time…

Grand Prize Winners of the UT Coloring Contest!

Ho boy! This one was down to the wire, but we officially have the results of the UT coloring contest. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all the stitchers that participated and for everyone who voted. But what are we waiting for? Here are the results…

The winner of the machine embroidery category for this years coloring contest is that yummy coffee colored creation by Juliane!

Congrats Juliane!



This one was a TIGHT race folks. Separated by just a few votes from the amazing brightly colored design by inartwork. Everyone did such an amazing job, I know it was a hard choice! And what about the hand embroidery contestants?

The winner of the hand embroidery category for this years coloring contest is that gorgeous colorful watercolored creation by Brandy!

Congrats Brandy!



This one was also a pretty tight race, with April’s crayon tinted design not far behind. It was just so hard to CHOOSE, wasn’t it? The 8 other finalists all win a $10 UT gift certificate for making it into the final round and for working so hard on their entries. These pieces were all so wonderfully stitched and the colors just stunning. So much work went into these beautiful pieces!

Congrats again to Juliane and Brandy, each our grand prize winners of a $100 gift certificate to Urban Threads!

A special thanks to everyone who helped celebrate the big 5 with us all through the month of May. We can’t wait to celebrate the big 6 with you next year!

UT Coloring Contest Finalists

*UPDATE – Voting is closed! Winners coming soon*

It’s time… all through the month of May you Threadsters were playing with this design, in order to create your own colorful masterpieces for Urban Threads 5th Birthday Coloring Contest. Well the entries are in, and the top 5 finalists in each category have been chosen! First, our top colorful entries stitched up by an embroidery machine…

Machine Embroidery Finalists


This dark and broody black and red sparkle creation was made by Miriam.


This classic soft rainbow scheme entry was stitched up by Vicki.


This coloring contest entry is by Juliane, inspired by yummy coffee and chocolate.


This bright and bold coloring entry makes great use of a light colored outline, stitched up by inartwork.


This neon inspired coloring contest entry was stitched up by Cornelia.

All those crazy colors! What fun :) Are you ready to vote? Take a good long look at each of these colorful designs, and vote for your favorite below. Voting is closed!

Katheryn De Benedictis - Create EmbroideryHand Embroidery Finalists

This blue and purple stitch-filled beauty was hand embroidered by Katheryn.


This colorful rainbow crayon-tinted creation was stitched up by April.


This hand embroidered coloring contest entry by Emily features beautiful variegated stitching on a faux wood fabric.


This coloring contest entry by Brandy features lovely running stitch outlines mixed with light washes of watercolor.

Urban Threads Color Contest

This bold and broody design was hand stitched by confident soba using lots of lovely fill stitches.

Are you ready to vote for your favorite hand embroidery entry? Second voting poll is below. Voting is closed!

A big congratulations to our 10 finalists for making it into the top 5 of their categories! Also, a big BIG thank you to ALL of you who entered. We had a lot of entries into this contest. Want to see them all? Of course you do! Check them out in the slideshow below. Thanks for helping us make our 5th Birthday extra special!Did you vote once for each category? GOOD! Voting will remain open until this Friday at noon central time, and we’ll announce the final winners in the newsletter!