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Color Inspirations – Neon Flash

Try this on-trend Neon Flash color scheme out on your embroidery designs.

This color inspiration comes straight from the pages of fashion magazines and summer street trends. Pairing stark black and white with a pop of neon color has become quite the thing in the fashion world, so this Neon Flash color scheme is one way to make your designs extra trendy. Obviously, to add some interest, you can introduce shades of grey as well (and maybe even some metallics, for that extra fashionable flash of silver) but then you finale is always a pop of neon. The fun thing about this scheme is the neon can be anything… pink, green, yellow. Whatever neon you like! Everything looks good with black and white. See how it compares to the original.

Which do you prefer?

Color Inspirations – Haunted Hues

Try out this spooky Haunted Hues color scheme on your embroidery designs to transform them into something fit for Halloween!

All this week, we’re celebrating Halloween in July, and it was just too tempting not to put up a spooky color post.  The great thing about color palettes is they can totally transform a piece for a new season. This formally bright pink dancer got a spooky makeover with this Haunted Hues color inspiration. A little black and orange mixed with grungy hues and a pop of purple can really transform a piece to look like something totally new, and totally spooky. See how it compares to the original.

Which do you prefer?