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365 Lucky Days Complete!

In case you weren’t following it, Lucky Jackson’s epic project 365 Lucky Days came to a final conclusion last week. She stitched a new piece every day for 365 days, and I’m not just talking a little stitch exercise. These things are amazing. I’ve pulled out just a few of my favorite examples below…

day 16

day 57 (I think I love you)

day 103/365

day 148

day 235

If you’ve never heard of this project before, you’re in for a treat. Seriously, it’s like finding a new favorite series on Netflix and then watching all 7 seasons at once (you know you’ve done it.)

You have 365 gorgeous embroidery pieces you can now gander at all at once, so go have a peek at her blog to hear about the lessons she learned from this epic project and see more, or just gaze in wonder at them all on her flickr page. Be sure to leave her a big hearty congrats on the amazing work she did!

Bits & Bytes of Embroidery

I have to say I don’t know much about the Bits & Bytes project from this Behance Gallery, but I DO know I really really love that embroidered circuitry. The fabrics and other pieces from the collection are really just stunning. Hand stitches, machine stitches, digital printing, it’s all just amazing. I wish there was more info!

If you’re like me and want to stare at it even without knowing what it’s all about, check out the project from Lene Schendler on Behance.

Woodgrain Embroidery For The Seasons

Oh wood grain, still such a hot item in the design world. I’ve seen it on mugs and stickers, and all over letterpress. I have to say though, I have never seen it used to such delicate and gorgeous effect as in these stitched patterns. These beauties are part of Purl Soho’s new embroidery collection in collaboration with Egg Press. I love the effect when combined with typography, and the bold pops of color. It puts me just in the right kind of mood for the changing seasons.

Check out all the prettiness over on their blog.

You Are More Beautiful



I just love this piece. It makes my eyes hurt and my heart dance.

This piece was stitched up by Mel of Thrifted, all 11,399 cross stitches (Wow!)

She made the pattern herself using a computer program and then painstakingly stitched it out by hand. Read more about her process and see more photos over on her blog!

Amazing Animated Blackwork Music Video

You think stitching one design is time consuming, check this out…

Artist Toni Buckby created a stop motion embroidery video that is just stunning. The track is called “Why you so cold?” by group called Wet Nuns, a group with a growing popularity in the UK. I have no doubt that a unique music video like this is bound to get them noticed worldwide.

Click the image above to watch the video, and after your brain has melted from trying to process all that work, go have a peek at a little behind the scenes on the process over on her blog.

Giant Rustic Cross Stitch

Raumseelig had this old board laying around for ages, until she finally discovered what it really wanted to be was the coolest cross stitch canvas ever. See more on her German blog Raumseeling, which you can get google to translate or just ogle the pictures.

Someone find me an old door and a drill stat.

via pinterest

Digitized Art by Jess Larson

I love finding new an unexpected machine embroidery artists. I especially love finding out that they’re local! The fab Mr X Stitch featured embroidery artist Jessica Larson today, who happens to be a Professor of Studio Art and artist from Morris, Minnesota.

Her work is a sublime mix of machine and hand embroidery, digitized with some stunning detail. I just love seeing what creative folks get up to when they get their hands on digitizing software. See more on the X Stitch post, or check out her website!