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Get The Look – Typewriter Crossbody Bag

Get the look of this chic typewriter purse from Kate Spade by DIYing it with machine embroidery and applique.

This adorable Kate Spade purse, originally at Nordstrom, has been all over Pinterest. Unfortunately, in addition to being nearly $500, it’s also sold out. So even if I had tripped and fallen into money, this little baby couldn’t be mine. Luckily, with a little ingenuity, we can make our OWN with a much more cost-effective DIY.

Create your own version of the Kate Spade typewriter purse with this machine embroidered DIY alternative.

This is a much simpler red crossbody bag you can find at Target for about $27. Quite a bit more budget-friendly, and it has the available space on it to add a little embellishment. Really, any purse that has enough space for a little keyboard addition will work, either store bought or thrift store goodness. Red is totally optional too, but darn cute.

In addition to a purse, you’ll need the awesome Typewriter Alphabet embroidery designs, cool-fuse interfacing, and some applique fabric. As we will be using interfacing to attach these pieces on later, be sure to pick a fabric that can be ironed without melting, especially for the large grey keyboard area. If you want to use something a bit fancier for the accents (like the space bar) you could always attach it with fabric glue.

Create your own version of the Kate Spade typewriter purse with this machine embroidered DIY alternative.

So let’s start with the embroidery. Take your gray piece of fabric, and hoop it up as usual with some cutaway stabilizer. You’re going to want to carefully stitch your Typewriter Alphabet keys in a rough arrangement of a typewriter, like so. For a purse this size, I used the smallest size alphabet. With this much embroidery, it’s nice to be doing this on a separate piece of fabric, instead of directly onto our purse, which would be darn near impossible to hoop anyway.

If you want to know how to arrange and stitch alphabet designs, click here for a tutorial.

Create your own version of the Kate Spade typewriter purse with this machine embroidered DIY alternative.

Once your alphabet it all stitched and pretty, you can trim the fabric down to a “keyboard” shape, so to speak. Now, if you purse has a front with a large enough opening that you can applique your fabric piece directly on, good for you! If not, we have a little trick to make it look like a chic, stitched piece of final work. First, stitch a seam around the edge of your fabric anyway. Then, you can attach it to the front of your purse by using your cool-fuse interfacing.

I recommend cool-fuse because there’s a good likelihood the purse you might be working with could be leather or pleather, and in that case, the lower heat you can use the better. If your purse is pleather, take care not to iron over the edges of your fabric onto the pleather, as it may melt.

Create your own version of the Kate Spade typewriter purse with this machine embroidered DIY alternative.

Finally you can add your extra fabric details in a similar manner. Cut them to shape, and stitch around the edges to give them a finished look. Then use more fusible interfacing to attach them, or if you’re feeling fancy like I was for the space key, you can go with vinyl and just use fabric glue. Smaller pieces of fabric are ok for that.

If you’re a bit worried about your fabric staying put, I’d recommend going in with a needle and thread and adding a few stitches here and there through the purse to make sure the seal doesn’t start to pull away. Wouldn’t be good to have your typewriter fly off.

Create your own version of the Kate Spade typewriter purse with this machine embroidered DIY alternative.

And you’re done! Some adorable embroidery and some quick fused applique, and we’re in business. Plus, we saved ourselves like, $470. Score!

Get the look of this chic typewriter purse from Kate Spade by DIYing it with machine embroidery and applique.

So next time you see a cute idea that’s a little beyond your budget, remember that you’re a crafty wizard, and you own magic machines that can help you make cool things. Things like totally chic typewriter purses!

Don’t Quit


New Series – Celtic & Nordic Mystique

Looking to add some intricate attitude to your wardrobe this spring?

Look no further than the elegance of knotwork. Feminine or masculine, these designs suit any taste or occasion. They’ve been designed to perfectly complement all kinds of shapes, from the back of a jacket to the sleeve of a shirt, or to swoop elegantly on pillows and home decor. Subtle shading and graceful interweaving satins make these gorgeous on anything.

Today we’re introducing three new collections, Celtic Majesty, Nordic Majesty and the Elder Futhark runic alphabet.

Want a peek at the new collection?

‘Tis the season when everyone’s Irish, but around here Celtic knotwork rules all year ’round. The myths and culture of Ireland have inspired this new beautifully coordinating Celtic Majesty collection, from a classic Celtic cross to fierce ravens and hounds fit for a warrior. Embellish garments, bags, and more with this epic new embroidery! The Celtic pack includes six beautiful designs.

Want something with a little more old world power? Have a peek at our new Elder Futhark Runes. This 24 character alphabet has been a customer request for a long time, and it seemed the perfect occasion to finally dive in!

The earliest form of runic alphabets that evolved in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, the Elder Futhark was used from the 2nd to the 9th centuries and then forgotten. There is some evidence that they were considered to have magical significance as well. Stitch this alphabet up in three different sizes and add an old world touch to your embroidery.

Finally, knotwork isn’t always about the Celts. Got some viking blood in you? Many around our Minnesota parts do. If you’re seeking to stitch something of a more Scandinavian persuasion, then the Nordic Majesty collection is for you. The Vikings had their own unique style of knotwork decoration, and it’s inspired this legendary collection of embroidery.

Designs such as Thor’s Hammer and Odin’s companion wolves and ravens will make an epic statement on clothing, bags, and more. The Nordic pack includes six beautiful designs, all featuring gorgeous swirling knotwork and elegant and subtle shading. Stitch your roots and wear them proud.

This is just a taste of the new Celtic & Nordic Mystique collections. Better yet, for a limited time, you can grab them at a discount! All the designs and packs on  are on sale through Sunday, March 18 at 11:59 p.m. Central time. Click here to see the full collection and grab them before the sale becomes a thing of the legendary past.

By the way… that tunic up top? Want to learn how to make it, no sewing skills required? Of course you do. Click here for a tutorial!

Our First Alphabet & Release Sale

A fun new announcement today, on a kind of design series we’ve wanted to do for awhile…


That’s right ladies and gents, step right up (or you know, stay seated at your computer) and grab the first of what is sure to be many alphabets, the Cirque Alphabet.

As part of celebrating the release of this fun new type of design, the Cirque Alphabet will be on SALE for a limited time until Sept 25th. Click here to check it out!

Why the wait, you ask? Well, we wanted to make sure these designs were available to purchase as a pack for your stitching pleasure. No fun trying to buy all of them one at a time, right? Now that packs are here there’s nothing in the way of embroidered typographic bliss.

So, you might be wondering, how do you use these fabulous new stitches of lettering awesomeness? Ah ha, we had predicted just such a question (we’re clever that way), and lucky for you we’ve put together a slick little tutorial all on how to lay out and stitch your lettered designs with ease.

The first thing you should know up front is that these designs do not act like a “font” file that sometimes comes installed on some machines. You still treat them like any other design. Luckily, it’s super easy to lay them out and have them stitching in no time.

Create fabulous text-only designs, add names and words to others, or stitch big fun letters on pillows, towels and the like. It’s the first of many to come, and we hope you like them!