Color Inspirations – Arctic White

It’s been freezing here in Minnesota, and another 4 inches of snow dumped on our office during the morning. Instead of grumbling about looking out the window and seeing all white, why not harness it as inspiration?¬†Use the seasons to inspire a new color scheme for your designs!

These designs got updated with an all white, tone-on-tone color scheme. Click each image to visit the design and see the original color scheme.

Arctic Winter

Arctic Sparrow

feb 052

This color inspiration works best with designs that have a lot of stitched dimension. In fact, try it out on any of our designs from the dimensional category.

Don’t let winter get you down… use the beauty of the snow covered world to bring a simple elegance to your designs!

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2 Responses to “Color Inspirations – Arctic White”

  1. 1
    Amy says:

    Tone-on-tone always adds lovely depth and richness to fabrics :>

  2. 2
    Missy k says:

    Very nice. I love seeing new color choices. White on white looks so elegant.

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