The Giving Bunny Project – One Year On

It has officially been one year since we launched the Giving Bunny Project, and hundreds of comments and thousands of bunnies later, the project is still going strong, bringing countless little bundles of bunny joy to strangers all around the world. We had no idea when we launched this project just how big it would grow to be, and how strong it’s still going today!

What is the Giving Bunny Project? Well, it’s a worldwide collaborative group project designed to spread a little bit of handmade joy to total strangers. All you do is grab your free and totally adorable little bunny design, make a bunch, and leave them out with their little tags for strangers to find. You can read all about the whole project here.

Not long after it’s launch last year, the bunnies started spreading like… well, bunnies! Within a few months, the bunnies had literally taken over the world. That’s right, you guys got a bunny on every continent, including Antarctica!

Since then the bunny army has only continued to grow, popping up in countless countries and new places. They’ve made their appearances in care packages to soldiers, showed up in force to children’s hospitals, and hidden in corners in libraries, museums and schools.

You’ve made them by the dozens, even by the hundreds! You can see lots of examples by checking out all the Giving Bunny pics uploaded to our flickr group!


Their global march continues on! This is the map of all the bunnies one year later. You can click here to see the full interactive google map of ALL the bunnies around the world, and add your own bunny to the map.

The Bunny Project even appeared in print! A special edition of Made In Felt Magazine ran an article all about the bunnies and their adventures around the globe.

So, one year later and those little bunnies continue to bring joy to thousands by the hands of crafty and generous folks such as you. The holiday season is a perfect time to get into the giving spirit. Do you want to take part? The Giving Bunny project is always open, and the bunny will always remain a free design. Visit the original post to find out how to get started with your own bunny army. Many the bunnies reign for many more years to come!

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