New Collection – Anima

We’ve all felt it at some point. A certain connection, a pull towards the animal side. For thousands of years across countless cultures, humans have always seen in animals a certain kindred spirit, qualities we seek out in ourselves. Find your connection to your animal side with this gorgeous and bold new Anima collection!

Have a glance through the new series, and find your animal…


Balancing solitude and introspection with absolute strength and courage, the BEAR fiercely protects loved ones and is “reborn” in the spring.


A gentle and graceful presence in the woods, the DEER encourages love, kindness, and compassion, for others and for ourselves.



Gifted with a fiery spirit, the HORSE signifies independence, freedom, and the ability to discover new directions and adventures.


Charming and attractive yet a master of disguise, the adaptable FOX uses cunning wit and unorthodox strategies to thrive anywhere.


A well-loved embodiment of wisdom, the OWL sees in the darkness, past illusions to the truth behind them, and announces major change.

Female leather bag


A self-sufficient achiever and natural leader, the COUGAR combines fierce power and confidence with feline patience and intention.


An age-old symbol of creativity and fertility, the tiny and vulnerable RABBIT uses a keen awareness of its environment to make its own luck.


A steady loner and a faithful part of the pack, the WOLF reminds us to keep learning and to stay in touch with our own inherent wildness.



A shadowy messenger between Earth and the world beyond, the RAVEN’s magical presence signals profound transformation and renewal.

The anima, or spirit, of these creatures will make a companion as powerful as it is lovely.¬†They’ll be gorgeous on throw pillows and wall hangings to decorate your abode, a tote bag to travel with you wherever you go, and even stunning garments to keep their messages close. Fall in love and find a connection with the new series Anima, and grab them all ON SALE¬†through Aug. 18!


In love with these new designs? Well then you’re going to just love our latest giveaway. Enter for your chance to win an original one-of-a-kind giant embroidered piece, signed by the Urban Threads artists that created it! Click here to go to the giveaway.




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3 Responses to “New Collection – Anima”

  1. 1
    Betty Rivers says:

    I love the Raven and what it symbolizes.

  2. 2
    Marny Wagner says:

    This site has the best designs ever! Love the Owl!

  3. 3
    Patricia Brown says:

    Love your designs – and this Bear would look really good on my wall – I live in a mobile home and it is like living in the country with trees etc – and have had real deer walking through here in the middle of the day- so this would be a great painting for me to own –

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