April Flickr Roundup

It’s time for the April Flickr Roundup!

Perhaps you have saved some embroidery designs for a rainy day. Now you find yourself, on a rainy spring day, wondering what to make with them all?

You’ve come to the right place!

Urban Threadsters around the planet have pooled their creations together to inspire and delight. Check out some spring highlights…

Figgy's Banyan Tee w/ Urban Threads Anchor Embroidery

Lovin’ this lime t-shirt by Yes’m Creative. It’s bright, bold and basic. The blue anchor pops nicely on the breast pocket.

Do not disturb

GB Design makes a clear statement with this DO NOT DISTURB tote bag. When this skull’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!


This is so radical! Kraizdnurz nailed it. I hope the injured party heals quickly and enjoys sporting hipster bigfoot on their foot in the mean time!

Bunnylove 007

I couldn’t resist these little snuggle bunnies! Mr. Bun is highlighted nicely on this t-shirt by Giliell.

Floral gramophone

I am ready for spring flowers to be blooming! Lacerslife did a beautiful job hand embroidering this florophone design.

Mendhika designs on Amy Butler's Blossom Bag

This tote bag embroidered by hotchkisskids really caught my attention. The colors she used in the mendhika designs with the denim look so sophisticated and chic!

organizer for crochet hooks

Here is a sweet winter bear crochet hook organizer by Maria. Everyone needs one, everyone wants one, everyone should make one!

Happy Cupcake Oven Mitts

I have to admit, I’m biased towards these oven mitts by FabulouslyFierce because I designed that cupcake fabric at my previous design job! The embroidered Urban Threads cupcake goes perfect, and I love it!

Completed Pillow

Just gorgeous. Lisa created a stunning piece of home decor and shot it beautifully. The gold celtic cross looks amazing on the green velvet. Can you believe she stitched this by hand!?

You Missed It

Time Wrinkler stitched and framed this classic embroidery sampler. It hangs in her laundry room. I think it speaks for itself.

Cactus Pincushion

This super speedy cactus pincushion was crafted by MagnoliaFly. I love the behind the scene peek of the craft room too!

From oven mitts to pin cushions, and tote bags to t-shirts, I hope you found something to inspire some spring stitching! When you are done, please take a picture and share your latest creation with us!

Do you want to see your stuff featured in a roundup? Upload it to our flickr pool or e-mail it to blog@urbanthreads.com, and you could see your stuff on StitchPunk.

Sharing is fun!
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One Response to “April Flickr Roundup”

  1. 1
    timewrinkler says:

    Awesome projects…I am loving that cupcake mitt!
    (Thanks for including my laundry room art!)

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