A Giving Bunny Reaches Antarctica – World Domination Complete!

This is an update on the Giving Bunny Project, which if you haven’t heard of, you should totally check out right here and join in!!


I was hoping this day would maybe one day come, but it seemed too tall an order to ask. Ladies and gents, the giving bunnies have reached seven continents. That’s right, we got a little furball to Antarctica!!

port lockroy

June sent me this email last night and I had to post it first thing. A friend of hers was going on a cruise down to Antarctica and took a bunny with her. Little bunny J.C. braved the Drake Passage to make it all the way down to our final continent needed for world domination. We have literally taken over the world with bunnies!


Good luck on your adventure little J.C! Maybe in time another adventurous bunny will join you in your new cold home, and I hope you make some researcher down there a good bunny friend. Thank you so much June!!

As always, the Giving Bunny Project continues on indefinitely, and there is always a chance to spread a little more bunny joy. If you’d like to take part or have a hankering to take a bunny to a new exotic location (anyone going to the Amazon?) be sure to check out the original post to make and share your own bunny!

P.S. – Want to see where all the bunnies have ended up all over the world? Check out our interactive map!

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3 Responses to “A Giving Bunny Reaches Antarctica – World Domination Complete!”

  1. 1
    Jean says:

    Antarctica? Seriouly? How freaking awesome!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Stef says:

    There’s none in Greenland. 🙁

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