Get The Look – Juicy Couture Embroidered Velour Handbag


I spotted this Juicy Couture Embroidered Velour Handbag awhile back while I was out shopping, and I had to admit it was tempting, even though I’m not usually much of a purse gal. The embroidery really looked lux against the black velour, and I thought it was a really classy look. Lucky for us, this combination is easy to get yourself!


All you need is a black velour bag of your own. I spotted this one on ebay for $16. There are lots of great vintage handbags you can get online in all kinds of cute colors, or you can sew up one yourself! Then, just stitch a pretty crest design all in white, like this Unicorn Rampant design.

To make absolute sure lighter parts of your design don’t get lost in the soft fabric, you may want to top it with a light water soluble stabilizer you can tear away once your design is done stitching. Grab a cute matching charm and you’ve got a classy new purse!

velour purse_DIY

The inspiration of gorgeous all-white embroidery on a soft velour bag is all you need to dive into making a fabulous DIY custom version. Try this with all kinds of designs. Sometimes making your embroidery design all one color can really transform it into something chic and new!

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7 Responses to “Get The Look – Juicy Couture Embroidered Velour Handbag”

  1. 1

    Beautiful. Love your designs!

  2. 2
    Jenniffer Howling says:

    Love the bag but I am wondering how you hooped the purse since there is a frame around the opening?

    • Niamh says:

      This is just a mockup example. For a purse like this you would need to open the seams and the lining and embroider it, then sew it back together. Other purses I found had drawstring openings that looked large enough to loop without taking the purse apart. It all depends on what you find! This is just a bit of inspiration.

  3. 3
    Stef says:

    How would you keep the velour from getting frame burn..yanno, where the frame leaves a mark?

    • Niamh says:

      You can try a similar trick we use on leather, which is to put down strips of cotton or another light fabric right under the areas the hoop will be. On most other fabrics I would recommend brushing water onto the hoop burn, but maybe not with velour. Try the fabric strips and then lightly brush it afterwards to lessen the hoop burn.

  4. 4
    Angela says:

    Ya’ll asked the questions I was wondering…

  5. 5
    Alix says:

    You could also do a ‘hoop-less’ hooping – using sticky stabilizer in the hoop,

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