Upcycling Tutorials To Start Your Crafty New Year

It’s a whole new year, and it’s time for a whole new look! Before you hit the mall and pull out that credit card though, have a thought for all those clothes stuffed into the back of your closet. Just because you don’t wear them anymore doesn’t mean you can’t turn them into something you would. A few new seams and a dash of embroidery brings new life to all kinds of things.

I will say, if I’ve learned something while pulling all these tutorials together, it’s two things. One, I really like purple and brown.

Two, you can pretty much turn a sweater into anything. Like, anything. A skirt, a hat, mittens, legwarmers and boots. It’s like the hunters idea of using all parts of the animal. If you’re going to kill an old sweater, it’s only right you find a way to bring new life to all of it!

So read on, and click each image┬áto check out the easy step by step tutorials on how to reinvent your old clothes. It’s a great way to kick off the new year!

Sweater into a skirt! With extra tips on where and how to stitch on stretchy knits.

Two long sleeve tees into one flattering drape cardigan, with some wings to help you take off in the new year.

An plain old tee gets a flattering update and some more wings. Did I mention I love wings?

Fur boot covers

Grab those old boots out of the closet and go all out with the faux fur and lace baby. No sewing required! This one is all about hot glue.

Take a too-large jacket and upcycle it with simple tailoring and some bold embroidery.

T-shirt Ruffle Bag

Two old tees get turned into this super cute ruffle purse!


Take a plain old long sleeve tee and transform it into a hooded wrap around shrug when all you need is an extra layer of sleeves.


Got a favorite pair of pants that have too many holes to hold up anymore? Cut em up and reinvent them as a cute skirt.

spats 19

That same sweater that turned into a skirt can also be used to make these sexy steampunk leg warmers.


Got a tee with a great pattern but it’s just too darn big? Transform it into a flattering fitted halter top to get yourself thinking about warmer months ahead.


Want more than just wearing a sweater as a skirt, spats and more? How about wearing it on your noggin? Yup, this cute beanie started out life as a boring sweater.

Upcycled sweater mittens!

A few snips and a seam and you even have yourself a pair of gloves! What did I tell you? Sweaters can be turned into anything.

Upcycled sweater bootsFinally, our most popular upcycling tutorial to date: a sweater into boots! All you need is a cheap pair of flats (also probably hiding somewhere in your closer) and you can look stylish for a lot less.

It’s not just you that can get a fresh start in life. Your clothes are just begging for some reinvention as well! Raid that closet and see what kinds of new creations you can make without spending an extra dime.

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