A Special Tag For Giving Bunnies On A New Mission

When we launched the Giving Bunny project two weeks ago, we just hoped it would be a chance to spread a little random joy to strangers. With the tragedy that unfolded in Connecticut last Friday, many of you have asked about sending the Giving Bunnies on a special mission to try and bring a small measure of comfort to those affected.

We can think of no better cause for these little bunnies, but as a show of respect to the families, we have created a special tag that removes mention of the Urban Threads url and just lets the bunnies be given as nothing but gifts. The special pdf tag (which you can download here) includes two versions. One is similar to our original, but omits the url and gives a little extra love. The second is if you wish to create your bunny in honor of one of the victims, and write their name in instead.

However you want to use these tags and bunnies to spread joy is up to you. You may wish to just create a bunny in honor of a victim and leave them in remembrance. If you wish however to send any bunnies to Connecticut, it seems the best place to send it would be to the Newtown Post Office, which has created a postal box for people to send care packages, condolences and letters (thank you Daphne for tracking that down!)

The address you can send your bunnies is below:

Messages of Condolence for Newtown
P.O. Box 3700
Newtown, Connecticut 06470

To read more about the full Giving Bunny project, go here. We hope in whatever way they can, these bunnies can bring a little unexpected smile to someone who needs it.

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4 Responses to “A Special Tag For Giving Bunnies On A New Mission”

  1. 1
    Cynthia Wheelehan says:

    This is so very generous of you. Did you ever envision the little guys could make such an impact?

  2. 2
    Debbie Fleming says:

    This is a wonderful idea! Right now this is more important that whatever we all have to do. My holiday plans are on hold until I do my part in this. Although it may be a small effort, I hope it helps in any small way in someone’s life.

  3. 3
    Juney says:

    Beautiful … the tears I am sheadding are tears of joy, . <3 how beautiful xx

  4. 4
    DaniLinsi says:

    this is such a great idea. I´ve made two of these bunnys right now. And I´ve a question. can you make the pdf with the other two versions of the little cards in german? This would be very nice. 🙂

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